Turkish expert: Shusha Declaration builds necessary atmosphere for peace


“The former Karabakh problem was a bleeding wound not only of Azerbaijan but of the whole Turkic world and Turkey. As you know, for many years, Armenia pursued a policy of aggression and subversive activities. Although Armenia, which did not comply with the requirements of any international convention,  thought that the process would be frozen once and for all, it was wrong,” Yalcin Sarikaya, a professor at the Faculty of Management and Economics at Giresun University and an expert on international relations, told Report’s Turkish bureau.

He noted that the joint statements of the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkey after the Patriotic War and the historic Victory Parade are a serious message to the world community about the future of the region: “The Shusha Declaration, signed on June 15, has designed the necessary atmosphere for peace in the region.”


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