Azerbaijani Energy Ministry issues 178 permits in 9 months


In the third quarter of this year, the Energy Ministry issued 53 permits for the import of goods subject to export control (works, services, results of intellectual activity) in accordance with the rules “Issuance of special permits for export-controlled goods (works, services, results of intellectual activity)”. The permits were issued at the Baku ASAN Service Center No. 5, Report informs, citing the ministry.

In January-September this year, the agency issued 178 permits for the import, export, and transit of goods (works, services, results of intellectual activity). Of them, 167 were related to the import of goods subject to export control, 3 to export, and 8 to transit. Some 160 permits were issued through the Baku ASAN service center No. 5.

The Ministry of Energy issues 3 types of permits through the ASAN service center. These include permits for export, re-export, import, re-import, and transit of goods subject to export control; permits for the circulation of items that may belong to certain participants in civil turnover and are allowed to be in circulation, as well as a certificate of a special economic regime for export of oil and gas activities.


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