Italy introduces mandatory COVID certificates for work


Employees in both the public and private sectors in Italy must be provided with a COVID certificate to be in the workplace starting Friday.

Report informs citing TASS that earlier the obligation to have this document, testifying to vaccination against coronavirus, COVID-19 in the past or a negative test result, applied only to the staff of educational institutions and university students. At the same time, mandatory vaccination is provided for medical workers.

In the absence of the so-called green pass – a QR code read using a special app on the phone – the employee is not subject to any disciplinary or other sanctions. There is no provision for dismissal or suspension from work, however, absences due to lack of a document are not paid in any way. In the case of admission to the workplace of an employee without a COVID certificate, both the employee and the employer can be fined. Fines range from 400 to 1,000 euros.


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