Bank BTB nearly triples profit


Bank BTB OJSC ended the first nine months of 2021 with AZN 1.174 million in profit, up 2.7-fold from the previous year, Report informs.

The revenues dropped 2.4% to AZN 22.395 million, expenditures increased by 3.7% to AZN 22.332 million, savings on allocations for special reserves stood at AZN 1.111 million. Bank did not pay profit tax.

As of October 1, 2021, the assets stood at AZN 363.503 million, 2.2% more than a year earlier. Of this, AZN 246.963 million is loan to customers. The loan portfolio extended 15.3% year-on-year.

Liabilities surged 5.7% to AZN 307.823 million, deposit portfolio soared 14% to AZN 144.781 million, net worth fell by 13.9% to AZN 55.68 million.

Bank BTB was established in 2010. The authorized capital is AZN 66.45 million.


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