Ilham Aliyev in Gubadli: “There should only be good living in such picturesque lands”


“Thank you very much. I want to reiterate that we must have very precise plans for the economic development of Gubadli and other liberated districts. We have accumulated very good experience; state programs for the socio-economic development of the districts are being successfully implemented. Several programs have already been implemented, and taking advantage of that experience, of course, very proper planning must be done in this region,” President Ilham Aliyev told a meeting with the public representatives of the Gubadli District on October 25, Report informs.

“I want to say again that there are already initial proposals for infrastructure projects, the construction of houses, and the restoration of villages. The main thing is that the people, who will return here, live well, that is, their well-being be high. Of course, the conditions for this will be created, but the areas, in which they will be engaged, must be properly identified.

The steps to be taken to achieve these goals must be taken correctly. The government has been instructed, various ministries are functioning to this end, and I am sure that the Milli Majlis will also contribute to this work. There should only be good living in such picturesque lands,” the president said.


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