Today marks anniversary of Armenia’s another deadly attack on Barda


One year has passed since the second missile attack on the city of Barda by the Armenian Armed Forces during the Second Karabakh War, Report informs.

On October 28, 2020, Armenia’s armed forces fired Smerch missiles at densely populated residential settlements, civilian and commercial facilities, as well as private and apartment buildings in the city.

As a result of Armenian strikes that used cluster bombs prohibited by international law, 20 civilians and one employee of the Ministry of Emergency Affairs died, and about 70 were injured.

At the same time, several civilian facilities were destroyed, cars became unusable, and residents suffered extensive damage.

In connection with the case, the Prosecutor-General’s Office of Azerbaijan has instituted a criminal case under Article 120.2.1 (deliberate murder by a criminal organization), 120.2.4 (deliberate murder committed with special cruelty or in a publicly dangerous way), 120.2.12 (deliberate murder on the motive of national, racial, religious hatred or enmity), 100.2 (conducting aggressive warfare) and others and tasked the Investigative Department of the Prosecutor-General’s Office to conduct the investigation.

During the Second Karabakh War, the Armenian Armed Forces fired missiles and hit the city of Barda three times (October 5, 27, and 28) using heavy artillery. As a result, 29 people were martyred, 112 were injured, and civilian infrastructure and vehicles in the city were severely damaged.

As a result of Armenia’s military aggression, 93 civilians, including 12 children and 27 women, were killed, 454 civilians were injured, a total of 12,292 residential and non-residential areas, 288 vehicles were ruined, and 1,018 farms were damaged in the Second Karabakh War.


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