Speaker backlashes at proposal to allocate new cars to Azerbaijani parliament employees


The proposal of Parliament Member Tahir Karimli to allocate new vehicles to Milli Majlis has caused Speaker Sahiba Gafarova‘s outrage.

Report informs that the parliament member said during his speech: “I do not mean the parliament members. I suggest building a residential house for the Milli Majlis employees. I have recently happened to be in the car of one of the leaders. My 14-year-old car is better than his vehicle. It is a supreme governing body. Give them good cars, construct buildings.”

The parliament speaker has retorted sharply to her colleague’s speech: “There is no discontent among the Milli Majlis leadership. What are you worried about?! Everything is good in its season. Last year was the year of war. This year is a year of Victory. Let’s speak about it after displaced persons are settled in Karabakh.”


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