38 mines neutralized at Iran-Azerbaijan border section liberated from occupation


In accordance with the instructions of Azerbaijani president, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev, work continues on the restoration of the border infrastructure in the territories liberated from occupation, the State Border Service told Report.

One of the initial tasks is to conduct the search, detection and disposal of mines and unexploded ordnance by the State Border Service engineer and sapper units.

Since the beginning of November, the engineering and sapper subdivisions of Azerbaijan’s State Border Service have cleared from mines and unexploded ordnance 25 hectares of the Iran-Azerbaijan border section liberated from occupation. As a result, 38 PMN-2 landmines have been found and neutralized.

In this direction, the installation of engineering barriers has been completed at a distance of 1,230 meters along the state border, and the work continues on a 1,300 meter section.


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