Latvian artist: Many people see similarities between my works & Azerbaijani carpets


Ancient Azerbaijani carpets have their own history. Many people have said that they see similarities between my works and Azerbaijani carpets, Latvian textile artist Iveta Vesenane said this in an interview with Report.

The artist said that she first creates sketches of a future tapestry, and then weaves it with woolen threads on a loom, and considers each of her works to be special.

“Each of my works is a little fairy tale for me. My latest collection is called Meadow, it is about meadow fields, which are created not by man, but by nature. I like that each flower does not stand out separately in the composition. The multitude of wild and meadow flowers create a wonderful view,” she admits, demonstrating her works presented at the exhibition ALL IN TWO in Baku.”

“Another of this painting is called `To Be’. The two flowers that you see are images of a man and a woman, and the background is a kind of field strewn with figures. In fact, these are not just figures, but jewelry. I wanted to show that a person’s thoughts are like precious stones,” she said.

The artist worked on her biggest work for six months.

“I collect these threads in small pieces into one single composition. This is a rather long and painstaking process. But how much experienced you are is of great importance.”

“It is important for any artist that his works to be exhibited not only in his homeland, but also in other countries, in order to see the reactions of different people from many countries. In Azerbaijan, my works received only compliments, and a sufficient number of people visited the exhibition. In Azerbaijan, many see the similarities between my works and Azerbaijani carpets,” she said.

The artist herself is very fond of ancient Azerbaijani carpets. “I like old, worn out carpets most of all. These carpets have their own history, their own line of life. I visited the National Carpet Museum, saw these stunning carpets and singled out favorites for myself,” Iveta said.

The artist also added that when she sits down at the loom and starts weaving, she immediately becomes happy. “I enjoy the morning light, my machines and the work I received,” I. Vesenane said.


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