SGS laboratories endorse AZCHEMCO solution’s positive impact on soil


Produced by AZCHEMCO, Made in Azerbaijan brand, Drip Drop 369 has fully met the call of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Levent Ozdemir, one of the founders of AZCHEMCO, said, Report informs.

He announced the results of SGS laboratory analysis on the application of the product, obtained on the basis of a project, implemented by AZCHEMCO in the soil, in response to the call of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO):

“Earlier, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) called on research and development (R&D) companies to address the challenges posed by global climate change, drought, global warming in agriculture, and against this backdrop, for the resolution of problems in the food sector, triggered by the growth in the number of population, and the implementation of projects that could help problems in the food sector.

In response to the call, we implemented a project. Within the project, we planted Drip Drop 369, a product developed by AZCHEMCO, with Netafim company’s irrigation system, to a depth of 30 centimeters. In this way, we shared with the public that the pH level in the soil will decrease, the salinity percentage will decrease, and at the same time, the problems related to soils unsuitable for agriculture will be solved.

With the participation of media representatives, SGS employees took samples from the soil, where Drip Drop 369 was used, and Drip Drop 369 was not used for laboratory testing. These results have been analyzed and we share with you that Drip Drop 369 now fully meets the call of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Today is a significant day for the Azerbaijani and world agriculture.

According to the laboratory results of the analysis, the pH level in the soil before the use of AZCHEMCO’s Drip Drop 369 was 8.47 mg/kg, while the pH in the soil after the use of Drip Drop 369 was 7.62 mg/kg. This shows that the product lowers the pH level in the soil, making it more suitable for agriculture.

While the solution was 13.63 mg/kg of copper in unused soil, it increased to 15.82 mg/kg after the use of Drip Drop 369. Sodium in the soil, i.e., salinity, was 1,140.81 mg/kg, but after the use of Drip Drop 369, it decreased 2.44 times to 466.78 mg/kg. Also, the level of magnesium was 6475.34 mg/kg, but after using the product developed by AZCHEMCO, it reached 6947.72 mg/kg.

It should be noted that phosphorus in the soil is a very important element. While phosphorus was 286.1 mg/kg in soil, where AZCHEMCO product was not used, the phosphorus level increased 3.35 times to 960.1 mg/kg after injection to the soil.

Also, boron increased 5.72 times to 33.61 mg/kg to 189.66 mg/kg, zinc to 32.0 mg/kg to 43.04 mg/kg, and potassium to 2860.99 mg/kg rose to 2987.62 mg/kg. Also, while calcium in the soil was 125919.28 mg/kg, Drip Drop 369 solution was 138168.23 mg/kg with a 10 percent increase after use in the soil.

Levent Ozdemir said that the project implemented by AZCHEMCO will be a good step for Azerbaijan, the world, humanity and the future in solving the problems of the world’s population with agricultural lands, in terms of recycling lands considered unsuitable for agriculture.

Built in the spirit of Made in Azerbaijan, AZCHEMCO, which has a mission to proudly wave the tri-colors of the country’s flag in the logo of the Karabakh horse, is pleased to announce that lands in Azerbaijan that are considered unsuitable for agriculture can be re-circulated.

“If we do not use our lands properly, if we choose the wrong methods of irrigation and fertilization, the issues raised by the FAO will become even bigger. The era of soil destruction with improper fertilization is over. With this product, we will use both our fertilizer and invest in our future. Official laboratory results show that this problem has been solved. In the next period, we will present new products as AZCHEMCO.”

Agreements have already been reached with Ukraine and Uzbekistan on the export of AZCHEMCO products. Samples of the company’s products have been presented, and meetings on export operations will be held in Uzbekistan from the 10th of next month.

L. Ozdemir together with the solutions provided by AZCHEMCO will use the products of the urea factory as raw materials, make our local products more valuable and make greater contributions to the country’s economy:

“President Ilham Aliyev highly values the value added by non-oil exporting companies to the country’s economy. With the solutions provided by AZCHEMCO in Azerbaijan, phosphorus and potash factories can be built in our country in the future. In this regard, the company has undertaken an important mission for the country’s economy.”

According to him, after the completion of the demining process in Karabakh lands, the company’s products can be applied in these lands:

“We are ready to fulfill our responsibilities in the lands of Karabakh. This is very important for us. We do not want the problem of improper fertilization in Karabakh. We want to carry out our mission of clean products, a clean world, and clean food in the lands of Karabakh, as we have crowned the Karabakh horse in our company logo, and inherit these lands to future generations.

It should be noted that for the first time in Azerbaijan, the project for the production of water-soluble fertilizers also belongs to AZCHEMCO.


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