21 Armenian soldiers died, nearly 100 were wounded in border clashes


Armenia’s losses during the provocation that it committed on Azerbaijani border on November 16 have been revealed.

Report informs that Caliber has spread reports about it citing its sources in the Azerbaijani and Russian military circles.

Armenian armed forces lost 21 soldiers in the border clashes in Zangazur. The Azerbaijani side detained 30 Armenian service members. The number of wounded Armenian soldiers reaches 100.

Armenian military units launched a sudden military operation at around 11:00 on November 16 to seize the heights in this direction of the state border and obtain more favorable positions by gaining military superiority.

Armenian military units gathered additional manpower, military, and special equipment on the border-combat positions in Basarkechar and Gharakilisa regions and attacked the Azerbaijani Army’s battle posts in Kalbajar and Lachin regions.

The opposite side intensively shot at the positions of the Azerbaijani Army with firearms and grenades of various calibers, damaging Azerbaijan’s battle posts.

The units and forces located in the direction of Kalbajar and Lachin immediately carried out an urgent operation in order to prevent the combat activity of the Armenian armed forces. Initially, the movement of the opposite side was restricted, its forces and means were damaged. As a result of the decisive measures taken, the Armenian servicemen were disarmed and detained, a large number of weapons of various calibers and ammunition were seized.

The attack of the Armenian military units, which wanted to get a short-term advantage by committing large-scale provocations, ultimately failed from the operational and tactical point of view, and the subsequent attempt of official Yerevan to commit provocations was foiled.


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