Georgian military expert: Armenia’s any revanchist action against Azerbaijan is great insanity


“Armenia must come to terms with the new reality in the region. Any revanchist step by the country is great insanity,” military expert Nika Chitadze said at a discussion on “Economic and political impact of the Second Karabakh War on the region” held by Lider Media in Marneuli, Report informs.

According to him, Armenia does not have the human and material resources to conduct any military operation against Azerbaijan:

“Armenia must be involved in peace and normalize relations with its neighbors. This country can reap great benefits by establishing economic ties with Azerbaijan and Turkey. First of all, Armenia should be interested in signing a peace agreement.”

“The rapprochement of the positions of Azerbaijan and Armenia can begin with participation in economic projects. Armenia can join the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway project implemented by Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey and gain economic benefits. Armenia must finally realize that cooperation is better than conflict. First of all, this nation must respect the territorial integrity and inviolability of the borders of Azerbaijan,” Chitadze added.

Another expert Levan Chkheidze said that the Second Karabakh War concluded in catastrophic consequences for Armenia: “The Armenian side suffered pecuniary loss and intangible damages and faced economic difficulties.”

According to the political commentator, Armenia must renounce its territorial claims against Azerbaijan and recognize Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity. Armenia has been left out of essential projects in the region for many years and should not miss the chance to take advantage of the current opportunities for economic cooperation.

A historian, professor Omar Ardashelia said that one of the main factors in Azerbaijan’s victory in the war to restore its territorial integrity was its very active activity in the international arena:

“Victory in war cannot be achieved by force alone. Azerbaijan has worked hard to strengthen its position at all levels.”

He also noted that Georgia must have a strong position to act as a negotiator between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Georgia should strengthen as a mediator and then offer the parties a platform for dialogue.


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