BP Vice President: 11,000 artifacts discovered when Shah Deniz-2 project implemented


“There are certain standards for the implementation of any international project. One of these standards is related to the protection of cultural heritage and random archaeological findings,” Bakhtiyar Aslanbeyli, Vice President for Communications, External Affairs, Strategy & Region at BP Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey, told “Great Return: Cultural Revival” conference, Report informs.

“During our operations in Azerbaijan, we had both offshore and onshore activities. Taking into view the richness of the territory of our country with archaeological findings, special procedures are applied during the construction process. For example, if any archaeological findings are found during construction, the work is stopped and the Ministry of Culture is notified within 7 days,” he said.

During the construction of the South Caucasus Pipeline, 23,000 historical finds were discovered in Azerbaijan alone and were handed over to the state, he added.

“Recently, 11,000 random archeological findings have been discovered within the Shah Deniz-2 project.”


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