Terms for student loan deferment revealed in Azerbaijan


The Ministry of Education has announced the terms for the postponement of the student loans repayment, Deputy Education Minister Idris Isayev said at a briefing on Nov. 25, Report informs.

He noted that it will be possible to delay the loan payments.

According to him, if the following cases occur, the loan will be deferred:

– Full-time higher education

– active military service,

– conviction (imprisonment or restriction of liberty for not more than four years),

– the period during which the working borrower is on paid maternity leave for childcare until the child reaches the age of 3, and the period of care for children under 18 with disabilities and persons with first-degree disabilities

The deputy minister said that if it is found out that the student is engaged in labor or entrepreneurial activities during the grace period, it will be canceled from the date of commencement of this activity.


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