President: Azerbaijan is ready to start border delimitation process with Armenia


Azerbaijan has repeatedly expressed its readiness to start an urgent process of border delimitation with Armenia, President Ilham Aliyev said this during a trilateral meeting of the leaders of Azerbaijan, Russia, and Armenia in Sochi, Report informs.

“Throughout this year, Azerbaijan has shown maximum constructivism in eliminating the consequences of the war and unblocking communications. I believe that this topic is one of the important ones that have not yet been fulfilled; all the other points of the trilateral statement, which was adopted and signed last year in November, have been almost completed.

“Therefore, I think as we have already had a preliminary talk with you today – this topic will be discussed, as well as the topic of defining the borders between Azerbaijan and Armenia. We also highly appreciate the support, including advisory, from the Russian side in this matter.

“The border between Armenia and Azerbaijan is not delimited, therefore we have repeatedly stated publicly that we are ready to start an urgent delimitation process. Moreover, we also publicly offered the Armenian side to start working on a peace treaty to end the confrontation, recognize the territorial integrity, sovereignty of each other and live as neighbors in the future, and learn to live anew as neighbors,” the president of Azerbaijan said.


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