England to fine 200 to 6,400 pounds for refusal to wear face masks


As of November 30, England will require the mandatory wearing of face masks on public transport, including trains, in shops, banks, and post offices.

Report informs, citing Kommersant, that the first violation of this requirement will result in a fine of 200 pounds. In each subsequent case, the fine will be doubled, and so on up to a maximum fine of 6,400 pounds.

Moreover, if the fine is paid within 14 days, its amount is halved. The rest of the UK’s Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are exempt from the tougher rules.

Tightening requirements for wearing masks have not touched other sectors, for example, there is no requirement for mandatory wearing of masks when visiting restaurants, pubs, concerts, cinemas, and theaters, according to The Daily Telegraph. Members of the British Parliament will also not be required to wear masks at sessions of the House of Commons.


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