Buta Airways cuts ticket costs to 29 euros on all flights


Azerbaijani low-cost airline Buta Airways has resumed the possibility of purchasing tickets at the budget fare, the cost of which starts from 29 euros, Report informs referring to the airline.

This tariff was temporarily unavailable during the active phase of the coronavirus pandemic. Until now the minimum fare was 55 euros.

Tickets at the Budget fare, as before, can only be purchased on the airline’s website www.butaairways.az. There is no free baggage allowance option. However, check-in for the flight at the airport will be free, as with other air carrier fares. Seat selection in the cabin is offered as a paid service on all three airline fares.

The budget fare is valid on all special flights of Buta Airways, the route network of which includes the following destinations: Istanbul, Alanya, Izmir, Ankara, Moscow (Zhukovsky airport), Ufa, Kazan, Astrakhan, Kyiv, Tbilisi, Riyadh, Dammam.

The following items are allowed in the cabin of the plane as part of the budget fare:

• A small bag for personal belongings or a bag for a camera and a laptop, the dimensions of which do not exceed 30x35x10 cm (bags should be used only for their intended purpose);

• Outerwear, coat or raincoat, suit in a suitcase (a suitcase should only be used for its intended purpose);

• Bouquet of flowers (should not exceed the allowed dimensions of hand luggage);

• Baby food and travel cradle, lightweight foldable stroller (carried in the baggage hold of the plane), which may be necessary during the flight with children;

• Foldable wheelchair (carried in the luggage compartment of the aircraft) and crutches or a cane for a passenger with a disability;

• An umbrella and a certain amount of reading material during the flight.

Also, in addition to the budget fare, on special flights of the air carrier, it is possible to purchase air tickets at the standard and super fares, which include the carriage of 10 kg and 23 kg of checked baggage, respectively.


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