Karabakh war hero: Blocking Lachin-Khankandi road, we deprived enemy of support


During the Patriotic War, I participated in the battles for Khojavand. We managed to prevent several enemy attacks. Having suffered significant losses, the enemy was forced to retreat. Then we rushed into battle in the Fuzuli direction. Hero of the Patriotic War, Captain of the Azerbaijani army Ramazan Xudulov told Report‘s correspondent in Dashalti.

He noted that he was wounded in the battles for Fuzuli, however, despite this, he did not leave the battlefield: “On November 3, our troops concentrated in the Topxana forest near Shusha. And in the morning, we began to liberate the surrounding heights of Dashalti. Our troops withstood the enemy cannons, artillery, and the heights were recaptured during the battles. By the evening of November 4, the command was given to penetrate into Dashalti, destroy or expel the enemy from there.

“We made our way along sheer cliffs, which was quite difficult, given the fog and the gathering dusk. A path led through one of the heights to the village of Dashalti, along which, we descended as part of a group of 27 people. In the course of the advance, we got into a minefield. Five of our fighters were killed, the rest received injures of varying severity. Having provided medical assistance and evacuating the wounded, on November 5 at dawn, we set off again.”

As the hero of the patriotic war noted, the Azerbaijani army attacked Dashalti from three directions: “One of our units began to move deeper into Dashalti, the second – along the rocks in the right direction, and the third, which I led, moved in the direction of the Lachin-Khankandi road. In the morning, we received the task to block the Lachin-Khankandi road, through which supplies were supplied to the Armenian troops. Moving deep into Dashalti, we were surrounded. The Armenians defended from a hill, so they had a tactical advantage. In spite of everything, we blocked the Lachin-Khankandi road and cut off the enemy’s supply lines.

“During the Dashalti operation, our special forces troops, moving in parallel, went behind enemy lines in order to block another exit from Shusha. Because the Armenians were focused on us, they lost sight of the commandos. After blocking all routes, the enemy troops stationed in Shusha were surrounded. The enemy was destroyed, some managed to escape from the battlefield by flight.

“Thus, along with the village of Dashalti, the pearl of Azerbaijan, Shusha, was liberated from the enemy. For the successful operation to block the Lachin-Khankandi road, by order of Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev, I was awarded the title of Hero of the Patriotic War. May the Almighty rest noble souls of our martyrs; May He send healing to the wounded.”


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