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Armenia mixed the remains

“The Armenian side sent the remains to Azerbaijan snowgave light. “

Captive it and Eldar Samadov, deputy head of the working group of the State Commission on Missing and Hostages, said.

He said that, This proves that the bodies were buried in mass graves: “Although some remains were returned to the Azerbaijani side through the International Committee of the Red Cross, the process of identifying them is underway. The remains were taken mainly from groundwater and groundwater. She according to It is also very difficult to obtain DNA samples from these remains. At the final stage, there will be accurate information on the number of corpses there.

Recall that, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in parliament that, Over the past year, Armenia has handed over to Azerbaijan the remains of 108 people missing during the First Karabakh War. He also said that they were preparing to hand over the remains of two more bodies in the coming days. (APA)

State Commission: Armenia has mixed the remains The article is taken from website


Azerbaijan news

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