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Ramiz Mehdiyev responded to all his critics at once


Baku / 11.02.22 Azerbaijan Milli President of the Academy of Sciences, many years ago President He held the post of head of the administration Ramiz Mehdiyev After a long silence, he responded harshly to scholars demanding his resignation. Corresponding member of the academy, Mathematics, who poured Mehdiyev’s “last drop of patience” and Director of the Mechanics Research Institute, former Minister of Education Misir Mardanov made an open speech. He accused Mehdiyev of creating intolerable conditions for the scientific staff of ANAS.

Text to enemies in the capitalist world snowin the spirit of Soviet propaganda articles. There are many baseless accusations: scientists criticizing Mehdiyev to the President of ANAS snowof the false campaign executionTheir goal is to distract people from current problems. Of Azerbaijan snowThe problems in the glass are not shown.

Mehdiyev called those who criticized him a “bus and or pocket opposition, ”the critic said deputies Etibar Aliyev and Fazail Agamali was called “fake deputies”Calling Milli It calls into question the legitimacy of the recent parliamentary elections.

Mehdiyev Increasing the number of Russian-language schools in Azerbaijan and denies allegations that he was personally behind public funding, and calls them “Russian schools” (unforgivable for an “academic of philosophy”). This error was corrected in the next text). Mehdiyev reminds critics of Russian-language education that, The children of Azerbaijani leaders read in Russian, but that does not mean that, they betrayed the nation. Mehdiyev, who spent most of his life leading communist Azerbaijan, continued to criticize opponents of Russian-language education. free non-existent ”.

Returning to the critics at the academy itself, Mehdiyev called them insidious, “hypocrites, flatterers who” stood in line yesterday to receive a gift from academician Mehdiyev’s book. ” He is an example of endless flattery against Mehdiyev deputy He mentions the name of Musa Gasimli.

Past public speeches in separate paragraphs and Archeology, Ethnography with biographical excursions and Former Deputy Director of the Institute of Anthropology Najaf Museyibli, Head of the High Technology Park of ANAS Vagif Abbasov, Mathematics and Director of the Institute of Mechanics Misir Mardanov was criticized.

The text published on the website of ANAS ends with the result. The author believes that, that his opponents Mehdiyev started in 2019 at ANAS and are opposed to clearing in a transparent manner. Millions of celebrities at the Academy during inspections dollars misappropriations were revealed.

However, there were no arrests at ANAS. In the text, this is explained by the kindness of the President of the Academy of Sciences. He warns his opponents that, If they continue the campaign against him, Mehdiyev will reveal the names of those responsible for the “terrible situation in ANAS.”

The text ends with Mehdiyev’s involvement in the implementation of the President’s instructions at the Academy of Sciences and his defense of “statehood” at ANAS. The anonymous answer does not mention the protection of the interests of Azerbaijani science.

There is no Mehdiyev’s signature under the extensive text published on the website of ANAS. However, the author Ramiz Mehdiyev There is no doubt that it is.0—

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