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The guard stabbed the mother of 4 children to death

A murder took place in Basgal village secondary school of Ismayilli region.

Ahmadli Bakhtiyar, born in 1997, guard of the school on February 11 Victim son stabbed to death a school technician, Gahramanova Gulara Gara, born in 1982. Ahmadli fled the scene after committing the murder.

According to the Ismayilli District Prosecutor’s Office according toa person suspected of committing a crime has been arrested.

Reported that, On February 11, the district prosecutor’s office received information about the murder of Gulara Gahramanova, born in 1982, in the yard of a high school in the Basgal settlement of the Ismayilli region. The investigation revealed that the victim’s colleague Bakhtiyar Ahmadli, born in 1997, intentionally killed Gulara Gahramanova by stabbing her.

A criminal case has been launched on the fact. Bakhtiyar Ahmadli was detained as a suspect and is under investigation. The investigation is ongoing.

For information according to, Gulara Gahramanova is married, has 4 children. (Qafqazinfo)

Murder in Ismayilli school: A guard stabbed the mother of 4 children to death The article is taken from website


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