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The Norwegian Helsinki Committee has criticized the law “On Media” adopted in Azerbaijan


Norway /10.02.22 President New about the media by Aliyev the law Journalist in Azerbaijan after approval and ya social it will be even more difficult to be a media activist. The statement came from the Norwegian Helsinki Committee.

New the law It will impose many new large-scale restrictions on the country’s already heavily controlled media.

The law local and has been criticized by international journalists president Aliyev further violates human rights and calls for repeal of document restricting independent journalism

Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe president Development of Aliyev’s law and word and to comply with international standards in the field of media freedom parliamentcalled for a return.

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee notes that, Independent in Azerbaijan and Criticized media often censor and forcibly shut down, journalists and social network users are systematically tracked and are subject to arrests.

Many provisions of the law will allow the government to severely restrict coverage of events and criticism of the government snowwill be used to get the bottle.

Journalists Vahid Only non-convicted journalists will be included in the register. Given the fact that journalists have been imprisoned for many years on trumped-up charges, this condition deprives many journalists of the right to work. and legalizes censorship.

In addition, the government already has it and or will not need a court order to shut down other media outlets.

“Azerbaijan’s international partners are the media and “By silencing critical voices, in a country where autocracy has been established, it must express how harmful these new restrictions will be.” -16B-

Azerbaijan news

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