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The opening of the Tartar case needs strong political will


Baku /10.02.22 Detained for a long time in Azerbaijan and or allegations that some detainees were tortured. But the courts and Investigative bodies usually do not accept these allegations as true.

The reopening of the Tartar incidents in 2017 confirms the allegations.

According to the information released by the Prosecutor General’s Office yesterday according toFour people have been arrested on charges of torturing servicemen arrested in the Tartar case.

If torture does exist, is it low-level arbitrariness or a systemic scourge? In this sense, are higher arrests expected in the Tartar case?

Still 2018Torture of the Council of Europe, Inhumane and Treat your dignity with contempt SnowThe Committee on the Acquisition of Foodstuffs 6 at the request of the Government of Azerbaijan reportannounced The reports say that, “In Azerbaijan policeother law enforcement agencies and systematic torture in the armed forces and “Physical abuse is widespread.” However, the Azerbaijani government did not agree with these views.

Milli Member of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights Elman Nasirov Turantold that, The Azerbaijani state has chosen the path of democratic development. “Azerbaijan is a state governed by the rule of law and acts in accordance with both the Constitution and international conventions to which it is a party. This way National leader Heydar Aliyev determined and Mr. president Ilham Aliyev successfully continues it. “

Deputy noted that, In this case, the facts of torture are excluded in the “Tartar case” in Azerbaijan. “It is impossible. But there are reports of such cases in separate episodes. The arrest of those involved in this case is taking place. Investigation of the “Tartar case” and It is very important to give it a correct, objective legal assessment. “

He stressed that, The state is taking steps in this direction. An extremely objective investigation of the Tartar case is underway. An investigation is underway. We do not know the details, but we know the truth that, Violence, serious in the “Tartar case” the law persons who commit violations and use force the law snowthey will have to answer and they answer. “

According to the committee member according to, social There is a group of individuals in the networks that, In the absence of information on the “Tartar case”, he is conducting a smear campaign. “At the same time, certain segments of the opposition are using this as a tool to manipulate the government. This is how they present the issue that, the state is not interested in investigating this case. But these accusations are baseless. “

Deputy noted that, All possible opportunities have been mobilized for an objective, impartial investigation of the Tartar case. In the not-too-distant future, we will witness the realities of the Tartar case. In this case, the perpetrators must be convicted the law snowThey will answer in the morning. “

The head of the Institute of Civil Rights Bashir Suleymanli also said that, this is a system problem. “The system has been intimidating, harassing and torturing me for many years and thus, he set out to achieve his goal. Both fundamental freedoms and non-fundamental freedomspolitical In connection with the cases, we receive information about torture in law enforcement agencies. “MTN even the existence of illegal prisons in the case and there were reports of torture. That is, the system is an approach to the citizen. “

The expert noted that, torture is prohibited by international law and Strict penalties are required for torturers. “Unfortunately that, Azerbaijan has always ranked first in international reports on this issue. We also saw it in the “Tartar case” that, citizens were subjected to unimaginable torture and there were those who lost their lives under these tortures. It would be good that, those events were being investigated at that time. See how much time has passed. If there was no public reaction, I think that, It would remain so. “

According to the human rights activist, those responsible for this case, regardless of their position and past services, must be held accountable. “Seriously political If the will is shown, then we will witness it. ” -0-

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