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The US Embassy is concerned about the new media law


Baku /10.02.22 The US Embassy urges the Government of Azerbaijan to comply with the new Media Law in accordance with OSCE standards and called for its implementation in accordance with its international obligations. About this embassy Turan of the agency president Aliyev said in response to a request from the US embassy regarding the Media Law signed yesterday.

The answer of the official representative of the US embassy reads:

“We have a new law on the media for independent journalists and media experts and international organizations, including the OSCE and Adoption without taking into account the opinion of the Council of Europe and We are worried about signing.

President We continue to study the law signed by Aliyev and look forward to it and We expect other experts to analyze this law.

Government new law OSCE and We urge you to apply it in accordance with its obligations within other international organizations. “

* On February 8, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev signed the law “On Media” adopted by the country’s parliament on December 30 last year. Application of the law by the head of state and He also signed a decree on the settlement of a number of issues arising from it.

The law the State Department after its adoption in parliament president Aliyev called on him not to sign it in its current form. -0-

Azerbaijan news

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