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They are coming out of the pandemic, what about us?


Sweden lifted all pandemic restrictions in the country this week and Stopped COVID-19 testing.

Reuters writes that, The government is under pressure from the health system, scientists say protestthrew in spite of.

In general, the Swedish government, which opposed or declared quarantine during the pandemic, announced last week that it would lift all quarantine restrictions.

The government said that, the prevalence of the less symptomatic Omicron variant and Vaccination of the population means the end of the pandemic.

Health Minister Lena Hallengren said: “If this is a pandemic we know, I can say that, he is already finished. That is, it is not over, but an urgent change and It’s over in terms of restrictions. “

So February in Sweden 10from the whole bar and Restaurants are allowed to operate until 23:00.

The limit on the number of people in closed places and vaccine passports have also been abolished.

Although there are 2,200 COVID patients in Swedish hospitals, this is not more than the third wave in 2021.

Said Fredrik Elq, a professor at Umea University that, the government had to be patient for a week or two.

However, the Swedish Ministry of Health said that, The country has 55 million tests every week in the first 5 weeks of this year dollars spent and it is very expensive.

In Sweden, 114 people died of coronavirus in the past day. The total number of deaths was 16,182.

February 10COVID cards from Czech bars, restaurants, cafes, barbershops, sports and It has also been abolished in cultural complexes.

Prime Minister Petr Fiala said that, the government will lift all quarantine restrictions during February, depending on the situation.

Health Minister Vlastimil Valek said that, to concerts of 5,000 people from February 19 and will be allowed to go to sports games. For now 1000 people.

Daily coronavirus infections, meanwhile, have dropped from 57,000 on Feb. 1 to 37,000 this week.

The Czech Republic has so far registered 3.3 million infections and 37,612 deaths. Of the country’s 10.5 million people, 6.8 million are fully vaccinated.

Last week, Denmark became the first country in the European Union to declare a pandemic.

Norway followed suit. Prime Minister Jonas Snow Store said that, “Society must get used to living with the virus.” (Radio Liberty)

Azerbaijan news

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