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Has the Media Development Agency violated its charter?

2021 JanuaryAlthough the Media Development Agency has been operating for a year, the Supervisory Board is not yet in place.

To the charter according to Of the council Must have 4 members and these members president should determine. But within a year president it did not appoint members.

What should the Supervisory Board do in the Agency?

To the charter according to Supervisory Board General management of the Agency and exercise control.

Agency financial planning and approves the budget;

Supervises the activities of the executive director and inspects its activity;

Appoints the external auditor of the agency and audit reportaccepts;

Supervises the activities of the internal audit department of the Agency, as well as the appointment of its members and dismissal free is;

He appointed two deputy executive directors on the recommendation of the president free is

What problems does the absence of the Supervisory Board create for the Media Development Agency?

TuranDirector of the News Agency Guest Aliyev says that, Giving money to loyal media since the establishment of the agency and new “About Media” the law was engaged in the preparation of the project. That there is no Council to oversee the budget according to The agency has experienced financial problems.

The agency printed within a year and has provided financial support to online media outlets several times. But the annual funding reportdid not disclose. The head of the agency’s press service, Saida Shafiyeva, did not respond to our inquiry.

Due to the fact that the members of the Supervisory Board have not been appointed for 1 year President The administration could not be reached.

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