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Strong earthquake in Armenia and Georgia: also felt in Azerbaijan

In Armenia and There was a strong earthquake in Georgia. The quake was also felt in the western regions of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan Milli Information provided by the Republican Seismological Service Center under the Academy of Sciences according toThe epicenter of the earthquake registered in Armenia at 22:25 local time 10 located at a depth of kilometers. The magnitude of the earthquake was 5.9.

At 22.25 local time, an earthquake shook Georgia. The magnitude of the earthquake was 6.2 and the epicenter was in the village of Sameba near Dmanisi district.

Strong earthquakes Tbilisi, Marneuli and was also felt in a number of other regions.

The quake was also felt in Azerbaijan. Strong earthquakes were mostly felt in Ganja.

The quake affected Ganja, Gazakh, PeacockAgstafa, Shamkir, Dashkasan and It was felt in other cities, as well as in the Central Aran region and the north-western region. (Report)

“In Armenia and A strong earthquake in Georgia: felt in Azerbaijan as well, ”the article was taken from


Azerbaijan news

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