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A new planet has been discovered in the star system closest to the Sun.


Scientists Solar system which is the closest Proxima Centaur discovered a new planet in the star system A new planet discovered Proxima d got the name. Proxima d is the third planet to orbit Proxima Centauri and It is considered to have the lowest mass among the planets found in the star system. According to experts, the planet is made of its own star 4 million kilometers rotates at a distance. It’s a full circle around the stars 5 days realizes. However, its orbit of the living area (a zone that allows water to exist in liquid form on the planet’s surface) is located outside its internal boundaries.

The mass of the proximal d Of the Earth of the mass 1/4 part is equal to. However, its mass Mars higher than the mass of the planet. The distance from the Earth to Proxima d 4 light years contane. Experts have discovered the new planet due to small changes in the motion of the star Proxima Centauri. Those changes gravitational pull are related to. Gravitational attraction occurs when the proximal d revolves around its star. It should be noted that, Two more than Proxima d around Proxima Centauri exoplanet also period. One of them looks like the Earth and located in the residential area. That planet is a complete cycle around the stars 11.2 days realizes. Another planet is a candidate for the exoplanet class and full circle around the star With 5 realizes.

Azerbaijan news

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