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A strong earthquake shook Georgia and tremors were felt in the border areas of Azerbaijan


Baku / 14.02.22 The earthquake that struck Georgia in the evening of February 13 was also felt in some regions of Azerbaijan. The epicenter was near the Azerbaijani border according to tremors Gazakh, Agstafa, Ganja and It was also felt in Dashkesan, said the director of the Republican Seismological Service Center Victim Yetirmishli said.

The magnitude of the tremors at the epicenter was 6.2, and the magnitude of the tremors in the border regions of Azerbaijan was 3.0 to 4.0.

4-5 magnitude tremors were felt in the border regions of Armenia.

There are debris in the area adjacent to the epicenter, no injuries were reported. In the capital of Georgia and In a number of Armenian cities, people took to the streets, fearing new shocks. -02D-

Azerbaijan news

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