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Imprisoned party chairman: ‘I’m threatened with death’

Citizen and Chairman of the Development Party (VIP) Ali Aliyev he says that, is threatened with death within a month of his detention. He said this while considering his appeal in the Baku Court of Appeal on February 14.

According to the party chairman according tohe had been warned in advance that he would be arrested.

President One of the officials of the administration warned me about it. They called the prosecutor’s office and issued an official warning. Some time ago, when he was taken to the DTC and illegally detained, suspicions arose that, carry out. It was about a year before that that, they used all kinds of pressure to distance themselves from the university as teachers. The reason for all this is the government snowMy uncompromising position was to refuse the offered bribe…“Aliyev says so.

As for the helicopter crash that led to his arrest, the party chairman claims that, she snowThe officers of the State Border Service (SBS), who filed a lawsuit on special charges, took this step on the basis of an order. According to Aliyev, he is a doctor by profession according tohe still thinks today that, The two men were not on board the helicopter at the time of the incident. The party chairman reminded that, He is not the only one who thinks so: “People in their right mind know that, At a temperature of a thousand degrees, they could not get out of the helicopter that crashed to the ground at that speed. Sardar Jalaloglu, an expert on security issues during the flight, expressed the same opinion. I did not name them in my speech. But in one case that, If an order came, they would not be there, other people would find and arrest him. ”

Aliyev’s lawyer Cavad Cavadov He also said that he was innocent and that the arrest of the party chairman was a violation of freedom of expression. The lawyer recalled that, His client was summoned to the Prosecutor General’s Office in September and warned that more serious action would be taken if he did not stop speaking.

The Baku Court of Appeal has not changed Aliyev’s five-month prison sentence.

Javadov told RFE / RL that, of the sentence Ali A cassation appeal will be submitted to the court: “In 2022, the human mind according to It’s a shame to be arrested. “

Party chairman Ali Aliyev commented on the helicopter crash that, He did not believe that the servicemen, who gave an interview on TV about the incident, survived.

“There are no scratches or scars on the face of a person who lost consciousness and fell from a height of 3,000 meters. and The fracture of the said bone casts doubt on the person’s presence in the helicopter. What caused the helicopter to explode and or the passenger in the cabin can not know the accident. Only the origin of the pilot violation can suggest a problem with the flight.– the party chairman said while commenting on the accident on “Osmangizi” channel.

Emil Jafarov indicated in the statement of claim that, Aliyev discredited him by accusing him of lying: “My colleagues and I was accused of giving false information about the death of my close friends and discredited among the staff. “

Each of the SBS officers was found guilty under Article 147.1 of the Criminal Code and demanded that Aliyev be sentenced to six months in prison.

The helicopter crash occurred on November 30 in the Khizi region. As a result of the accident, 14 servicemen of different ranks, including two colonels, were killed. December 20The statement came from the Prosecutor General’s Office that, the direction of the wind during the landing of the pilots and Failure to take into account the speed, gross errors in control caused the helicopter to crash.

Source: RFE / RL
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