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The first photo taken by the James Webb Telescope was presented


James Webb space telescope with its main mirror near infrared range camera (NIRCam) is nearing the end of the initial phase of the long-term adjustment process. For this reason, the space telescope sent its first test photos to Earth. As part of the final adjustment phase before the launch of the telescope’s main space mission snowThere were two tasks on the glass. So. that, that it is running a near-infrared range camera and had to confirm that each of the 18 parts of its main mirror received light from the same shooting object. For the said experience 285.5 light years located at a distance HD84406 named star (Located in the Big Dipper) was selected.

As a result, each of the 18 parts of the telescope’s main mirror took a photo of the star and transferred the photos to NIRCam. The object is through NIRCam unit description was obtained. The photo shows the same star. That’s why the star in the photo is repeated that, The star is drawn by different parts of the telescope’s main mirror. In the coming months NASA experts must adjust each part of the main mirror in this way that, As a result, the telescope can obtain high-quality photos of one object in the frame instead of photos of duplicate objects.

For James Webb, the HD84406 star has no scientific interest. The object was simply selected to adjust the telescope’s instruments. Each white dot in the photo is an HD84406 star. It’s just a star telescope and or shot from different angles through another piece of mirror. In addition to the photo of the star HD84406, NASA experts also presented a selfie of James Webb. The selfie photo shows the main mirror of the telescope.

Azerbaijan news

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