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An academic who fell victim to the system he established

Efforts to dismiss the President of ANAS Ramiz Mehdiyev are underway that, gave the result. He announced his resignation at a meeting of the Presidium yesterday. “The academy has come a long way and must always be with the state. The activity of our scientists should be in this direction, all work should be built in accordance with state policy.

President He said that Ilham Aliyev always praised the activity of the President of the Academy Ramiz Mehdiyev He reminded that no one else in the country had been awarded the Heydar Aliyev Order in the recent history: “Mr. President has a very good attitude towards me. I have always been committed to one belief: first the state, then personal issues. Mr. President Ilham Aliyev implements the policy of Heydar Aliyev. Our scientists and members of the Academy must be with the President on this path. “

As for his future activities, Mehdiyev said he would sit at home and write books.

Recall that, last days Milli Assembly deputiesi, party chairmen, judge party members shouted “Go!” continued their calls. After Mehdiyev’s response posted on the academy’s official website, insults and insults began to intensify in the rhetoric of his opponents. In the same article, the academician called his opponents “bus opposition”, “pocket opposition”, “flattery”. and s. called epithets.

Immediately after R.Mehdiyev’s resignation from the presidency of ANAS, the article was deleted from the official website of the organization.

The President of ANAS was accused by his opponents of serious state crimes, and most of the negative actions that took place in the country were written at his feet.

For example, Logman Zulfugarli, a businessman involved in the steel industry in Azerbaijan, told the media that, in the seizure of his business in time Ramiz Mehdiyev played a special role. “We were given a condition while in prison that, “We must continue to operate the plants and pay 80-90 percent of the income to the people mentioned by Ramiz Mehdiyev,” he said.

Vice-speaker Adil In his anti-Mehdiyev article, Aliyev is taking bribes from his former university rector, Elshad Abdullayev and He accused Sevinj Babayeva, who acted as a mediator in the trial, of organizing the mysterious death in Turkey. Political Gudrat Hasanguliyev, chairman of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan, Sardar Jalaloglu, chairman of the ADP and “Treason” was widely discussed.

Interestingly, these allegations Ramiz Mehdiyevb snowCan it lead to specific criminal prosecution?

Lawyer Hafiz Hasanov told that, There is a lot of insult in the media about Ramiz Mehdiyev and there are serious charges. “He is even accused of serious crimes by individuals. Those who make these accusations have no legal knowledge and not ordinary people who are less or less, but serious enough people who understand the responsibility of these expressions. In this case, the prosecutor’s office should launch an investigation into Ramiz Mehdiyev, and if the allegations are confirmed, a criminal case should be launched on specific criminal acts, “the expert said.

At the same time, Hasanov believes that, If Ramiz Mehdiyev thinks so that, insulting and slander, then he can go to court and demand that those people be brought to justice: “At the same time, I think that, Elected in state bodies insulting Ramiz Mehdiyev and or violations of the rules of ethics and conduct by persons holding official positions. ”

The events that will take place after the resignation of the President of ANAS are of interest. It became known yesterday that, a close relative immediately after leaving the leadership and Assistant Eldar Amirov was detained by law enforcement agencies. About him 30 per day An administrative arrest warrant has been issued and complaints are being investigated.

Commenting on the situation to political analyst Rauf Miraqdirov recalls that, Ramiz Mehdiyev was Heydar Aliyev’s companion and confidant all his life. “I consider that, There should be a small statue of Mehdiyev next to it. He is a very unusual person, now 84 years old, he has already left many government positions. It is known that, he alone President He was not the head of the administration, the secretary of the Security Council, to corruption snowChairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission and generally all that is possible in the country and was the head of non-commissions. Despite all this work, he published a book almost every year. It is impossible to write scientific works in the midst of so much work, there are such examples in the world, but those who write memoirs, memoirs or scientific works do it either before being appointed to public office or after resigning, ”Miraqdirov said.

Political The commentator carefully read the response article of the ex-president of ANAS, Mehdiyev’s arguments are stronger than the position of opponents and “It’s interesting,” he said that, In the article, Ramiz Mehdiyev exposes the derivatives of his system and Of course, no one can do it better than him. Because he formed this system. Probably that, What irritates Mehdiyev the most is the system he has created snowis the use of. In my opinion, it would be unfair to write the current problems of Azerbaijani science and education only at the feet of Ramiz Mehdiyev.

Rauf Miraqdirov emphasizes that, The fate of Ramiz Mehdiyev was inevitable. “Because he was a very important figure in the clan system created by Heydar Aliyev. There is no other clan in Azerbaijan, it has been destroyed. Today, the oligarchic system based on the interests of different families is not on the political stage. Mehdiyev played a very important role in this system. Those oligarchs were replaced by young managers. Maybe in the future there will be people among them who will become oligarchs, but they may not. Because the system in which only one clan controls everything is a bit different. I do not think so that, The system of managers will be successful. Because they are economical in this management and political interests are very few. They carry out only one will, a good manager does it well, and a bad manager does it badly. They do not generate any ideology or style of governing, only judge are people who do the will. No matter how flawed Ramiz Mehdiyev is, he is a more serious figure than ordinary managers. She according to Mehdiyev had no place in this system and he had to go, “said a political analyst.

As for the reasons for the protracted process, Miraqdirov said that, This is due to the fact that Mehdiyev is a figure who embodies the old clan system: “The complete removal of this figure from the political arena social can be a message to the layers, can lead to serious shocks. She according to The process took so long. “

The political commentator is in favor of taking into account some aspects of foreign policy in this process: “It is natural to talk about people like Mehdiyev and Usubov from time to time. Attacks on him will continue until then that, The president of ANAS will completely disappear from the political arena. I do not exclude that, He will be officially marked as the main culprit of all the sins of the government. Can be that, this stamp YAPLet it be in the form of a decision of

R. Mirkadirov emphasizes that, The resignation of Ramiz Mehdiyev is an indication of the end of the epoch of Heydar Aliyev: “He was the most” brilliant “representative of the Aliyev system. I think he could easily and quietly resign. But I think that, his scandalous resignation and The arrest of a close relative stems from a desire to humiliate him, trample him underfoot. I consider that, thus, part of the political elite took revenge on him. ”


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