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Koalas, the symbol of Australia, are in danger of extinction


The threat of extinction of koalas in Australia snowofficially included in the list of animals left in the bottle. 2019-2020Forest fires, destruction of forests for various construction projects, agriculture and The number of koalas due to various diseases in 2021 To 92,000 enib. It should be noted that, 20Their number in 01 185,000 constituted. This negative trend still persists. Australian conservationists said that, The number of koalas has dropped sharply in the eastern states of Australia and these animals are in danger of extinction snowthey are in a hurry.

The Australian government, in turn, protects koalas and 36 million for the restoration of natural habitats intended for them dollars allocated funds. However, according to environmentalists, the government is concerned about the extinction of koalas snowdoes not take the necessary measures to get the bottle. “Son 10 During the year, koalas moved from the status of a sensitive species to the status of an endangered species. Stricter laws are needed to protect them, ”said environmentalists.

The last, according to the calculations of nature creators 20 The number of koalas has halved in a year. If no serious measures are taken to protect koalas, these animals will be completely extinct by 2050. In recent years, the Australian government has reported that koalas live there 25,000 hectares destroyed the local forest. Various construction projects according to experts and Koalas can be saved by stopping deforestation for agriculture.

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