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Large amounts of methane emissions are already visible from the atmosphere


Of the Earth in the atmosphere methane gasof measuring the daily amount each day Sentinel-5P Thanks to the analysis of new photos taken by satellite, scientists have discovered methane gascompiled a map of the main sources of emissions. According to a new study, oil and gas methane gas emissions during extraction 8-12%Unexpected leaks and occurs as part of troubleshooting supplies. Methane CO2The second most common in the atmosphere after greenhouse is a gas. It is released into the atmosphere due to human activity and its largest amount is oil and excreted during gas production. Methane in the near future global climate will become a source of greater danger than CO2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology according to the calculations of scientists 1 ton methane gas from 1 ton of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere 20 during the year 80 times absorbs more heat.

– The sources of methane emissions are shown at the top of the global map in the photo provided. In the lower left of the photo Russia and Which are reflected in the gas pipelines of Central Asia that, gas leaks occur. In the lower right part of the photo, it was found over North Africa methane plume an example is shown.

As part of a study conducted by scientists 2019-20 due to human activity20In the 1930s, they tried to determine the amount of methane gas emitted into the atmosphere. They found out that, of all methane secretion sources 2/3 part oil and associated with gas production. These sources every hour 27 tons realize methane secretion in the amount of Other sources of methane emissions include coal mining and agriculture and there is a waste treatment area. Scientists said that, oil and gas leaks occurring as part of gas production and or if it is possible to eliminate methane emissions during supply problems, this is done annually car ways 20 million will be equal to the disappearance of the car.

Azerbaijan news

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