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“Najmaddin Sadigov said that Arutunyan contacted him …”

Shocking claim about Najmaddin Sadigov

I want to say that, all the time I have served me snowDespite the illegal actions, we have managed to conduct a large number of very successful operations under his leadership. The operations are very successful that, not a single person is lost during such operations.

One of our most successful operations, 20In 03, all the strategic heights located in the area of ​​about 70 sq. Km between Buzgov Mountain and Havuch village, under my leadership and under the control of the enemy. free has been to do.

Substantiated decision, battle plan prepared in accordance with the real situation, training conducted in accordance with the battle plan, preparation of units involved in the operation, unreasonable engineering work on the battlefield, full observance of confidentiality by personnel and finally snowThe arrogance, the complacency, the unpreparedness of the enemy, who accidentally won a “victory” in the first days of the Karabakh war due to our mistakes, gave us a reason to be very successful in this operation.

Yes, during this operation, according to our plan, in a short time, without even allowing the enemy to open his eyes, successfully crossing multi-echelon minefields, without losing a single person, using the latest tactical methods to destroy our lands. free we did!

It is terrible that, new in the hottest time of my combat operations free While managing the operation on Buzgov Mountain, General Sadigov N., then Chief of Staff, contacted me on his mobile phone and said that he was very interested in the tactical situation. acıqlı and in an angry way:

– Where are you? What are you doing?

– On the front line! By strengthening the defensive line!

– By strengthening which line of defense? At the moment, the Chief of General Staff of Armenia Arutunyan contacted me and said that, you have attacked and conquered their “lands”. In Yerevan president apparatus snowon the roof rally are hold. I command you – return to the previous state immediately.

– DONE! – I have not said the word from the bottom of my heart, with a great sense of joy, with a high tempo, as I have said during all my service in the military since 1974. However, ignoring his “order”, I continued to lead the Very Successful combat operations.

That is the most interesting thing that, General Sadigov knew very well that, All events held in Nakhchivan AR Ali Chairman of the Assembly, Mr. Vasif Talibovflour personal assignment, consent and “IF THE LAND IS OURS, WE MUST CONTROL THOSE LAND.” Despite all this, Nakhchivan AR, as in the other direction, was trying to do what it wanted !?

Otherwise, I did not fulfill his illegal order according to still in 1994 January would have given me the problems I had in a month.

So. that, December 1993 – 1994 January During my tenure as a brigade commander in the direction of Tartar, I unknowingly liberated several villages without my knowledge of the Ministry of Defense. according to of General Sadigov January on the 27th (after the Unsuccessful Bird Operation) General Vasyak and Two colonels came to Tartar, removed me from the post of Brigade Commander, and handed over all our liberated lands to the enemy in a short time.

When he expressed his dissatisfaction, at the suggestion of General Sadigov, the Ministry of Defense dismissed me from my post by order of General Mammadrafi Mammadov and appointed me to another military unit. Let me tell you that, Although General Mammadov did not promise to tell me the reason, he did not even fulfill his word !?

In order to “help”, I was also asked to write an application for discharge from the army during the height of the war to a colonel, an officer serving as a brigade commander, a colonel, an officer who graduated from the MV Frunze Academy. They even promised to help me in this direction “like a man”!

Of course that, My answer was very short: Didn’t you bring me to protect my homeland, and will you help me to go !?

This and hundreds of facts like that according to General Sadigov could not accept or forgive me during my entire service. At that time, his authority was not enough to take action against me.

And the worst is that that, recently his powers began to increase with a geometric chain.

That is why our Armed Forces Ali Commander-in-Chief, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, in the planning, management and conduct of battles in the Second Karabakh War and He resigned from his post, along with several other high-ranking officials, in view of his failures in securing the rear.


But alas that, Ali Hundreds of high-ranking officials until General Najmaddin Sadigov was removed from the army by the Commander-in-Chief and officials, to remove our patriotic officers from our Army in various ways, how much damage has been done to the building of the Army, the development of our Army !?

Every commander must have a high reputation among his subordinates. And that’s the only thing wayduring his entire service and in the struggle of each of the associated officers for the protection of the officer’s honor. And only this and but high professional training and management qualities, his profession and It can be achieved by love for one’s position, organizational skills, high demands, and respect for the personal dignity of each of his subordinates.

Unfortunately that, Since some high-ranking officers, such as General Sadigov, are far from all these requirements, the charter and Contrary to common sense, cowardice and uncertainty in the actions of many of them by opening up their powers, keeping their subordinates in constant tension, and committing criminal acts against them. and they fostered feelings of mutual disrespect.

Altay Mehdiyev, Major General

24 hours“”Najmaddin Sadigov said that Arutunyan contacted him.”With reference to website

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