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Navalny could face up to 10 years in prison

Navalny denied all charges and dismissed them political called motivated

An oppositionist imprisoned in Russia Alexei Navalnyya snowThe trial on new embezzlement charges has begun in the penitentiary. If convicted, the opposition’s current sentence is longer 10 years can be added.

Navalny himself accusations political is considered motivated.

The “misappropriated” amount fell to 33,000

Moscow’s Lefortovo district court ruled on February 15 20In the correctional labor colony No. 2 in the city of Pokrov, Vladimir region, located 0 km eastjudgehas started. The oppositionist is serving another sentence in this institution. He was returning from Berlin last year, where he was treated for poisoning Moscow was arrested.

2020to the indictment in a new case opened in December according toNavalny, 45, is currently inactive and misappropriated money from the banned Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK).

Investigators have accused Navalny of using more than $ 4.7 million in donations for personal gain. But Navalny’s ally Leonid Volkov said on February 14 that, “misappropriated” amount in the indictment 33 thousand 770 dollars is displayed.

6 more years…

This is the maximum in the charge 10 years imprisonment is envisaged. In addition, Navalny went to courtsnowmeat according to can be sentenced to six years in prison. The accusation stems from one of the lawsuits last year.

Navalny denied all charges and dismissed them political called motivated.

Yulia Navalnayawas allowed to watch her husband’s trial in custody. He demanded permission the day before, saying the government was “illegal.” and shameful ”accused of holding a trial.

2021 Januaryto violate the terms of Navalny’s suspended sentence a few weeks after his return from Germany according to He was sentenced to two and a half years in prison. She snowThe verdict was considered fictitious, politically motivated.

Kremlin Navalny 2020Novichok nervous in Siberia in August gassays he had no hand in the poisoning. The poisoning and subsequent arrest of the opposition leader led to the condemnation of the West and the imposition of sanctions on Moscow.

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Navalny could face up to 10 years in prison
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