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Putin appealed for recognition of separatist regions (Video)

Duma so-called Donetsk and On the need to recognize the Luhansk “republics” president Vladimir Putinadopted a resolution

Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian Parliament Russia Luhansk in Ukraine in the Duma and Vladimir for the recognition of the so-called “republics” established in the Donetsk regions PutinFollowing the vote on the appeal, the international community called on Moscow not to recognize the act.

Verkhovna Rada’s appeal to the UN, the European Commission, PACE, Europe Parliamentə, NATO-nun Parliament To the Assembly, to the governments of the world and addressed to parliaments.

The appeal says that, Russia’s actions are another attempt to violate the international order based on the UN Charter.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitri Kuleba he said that, Russia’s so-called DPR and Recognition of the People’s Republic of China will be considered a de jure departure from the Minsk agreements.

Putin liked it

Russia Of the State Duma deputiesOn February 15, the so-called separatist Donetsk in Ukraine and Luhansk “republics” (DPR) and LXR) on the need for recognition president Vladimir Putinadopted a resolution

About this Russia This was reported on the website of the lower house of parliament.

Putin immediately commented on the decision and he said that, deputies “They felt the mood in society.”

He added that, There is great support for the “residents of Donbas” in Russia.

Two draft appeals were put to the vote at the same time. One of them is the Communist Party of the Russian Federation deputiesand the second judge Vahid The Russian faction had proposed.

Russian media reports that, 351 in favor of the communists’ draft resolution and 16 against deputy voted.

Vahid Russia’s bill received less – 310 votes.

Thus, the appeal of the Communists will be sent to Vladimir Putin.

Earlier, the speaker of the Duma Vyacheslav Volodin he said that, Recognition of the independence of Ukraine’s separatist regions is “very important.” and responsible ”issue.

He had reported that, Such a decision should be made as soon as possible:

“Washington is escalating tensions, while at the same time supplying arms to Ukraine along with European countries, while Kiev is ignoring the Minsk agreements. All this is our DXR and Citizen living in the People’s Republic of China and poses a risk to the lives of our compatriots. “

When Volodin says “our citizens,” he is referring to those who have received Russian citizenship in Ukraine since 2014.

Moscow has so far distributed about 700,000 passports in separatist areas.

Preparations are being made for the recognition of separatist ‘republics’?

CIS, Eurasian integration of the Russian State Duma and Committee on Relations with Compatriots on February 14 in the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk “People’s Republics” (PRC) and LXR) approved two options for appealing to the Russian president for recognition.

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Putin appealed for recognition of separatist regions (Video)
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