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The “black hole” in the green square

We have often heard the words “there is no football in Azerbaijan”, “Azerbaijan is not a football country”. It is true that the problems in our football are endless. But this does not mean that “there is no football in Azerbaijan, and there will not be.” At least, the successful results of the “Karabakh” team in the European Cups, which have been going on for years, have overturned the above ideas implanted in our minds. Who would believe that, The time will come when the Azerbaijani club will take part in the group stage of the Champions League? No one! But Karabakh managed to do it and convinced us that, There is football in Azerbaijan, and there will be…

The idea that “some country is not a football country” has long lost its relevance. Iceland and The performances of national teams such as Northern Ireland in prestigious tournaments, as well as the development of football in the “dwarf countries” in the example of Luxembourg, show it that, regardless of location and Thanks to systematic work, it is possible to achieve progress everywhere.

A bullet will not spring

The sentence “Why is Azerbaijani football today?” Is more logical than the statement “There is no football in Azerbaijan.” and sounds sharp. After all, a bullet will not spring. Karabakh alone should not carry the burden of our football, other clubs and The most important national The team must put its hand under the stone, not on retail, but on the trail of systemic success. But why is it impossible to do so when a lot of money is spent?

AFFA is the body directly responsible for Azerbaijani football. SOCAR allocates millions of dollars to the football organization every year. It separates that, AFFA should determine the development strategy of the country’s football and Let the work done bear fruit. But the half-hearted policy of those who lead Azerbaijani football and incompetence prevents this. If there are no radical reforms, it will continue to hinder…

73 to 121: We are also behind Malawi

Over the past 11 years, the State Oil Company has provided financial support to AFFA worth 133 million manat. So much money spent snowInstead of moving forward, our team is declining day by day. We are currently ranked 121st in the FIFA rankings. Luxembourg, Cyprus and Besides the national team of Kosovo, we are even behind Malawi, Mozambique, Palestine and Vietnam. While we saw the 73rd place in the ranking in 2014, who (s) is to blame for our decision today? And the EC-2020 and Who (s) is to blame for finishing the qualifying rounds of the WC-2022 with only 1 point? Of course, AFFA and those who hold senior positions in this institution!

Income, expenses, 1 point and Price to AFFA

AFFA’s revenues in 2021 amounted to 26,636,579 manat, and expenses – 21,845,243 manat. 12,000,000 manats of income SOCARfrom, 5 016 000 manats from UEFA, 5 742 346 manats from broadcasting, 2 923 188 manats from FIFA, 47 200 manat came from Coca Cola, 16 874 manat from UNICEF, 236,000 manat from Pasha Insurance, 123,900 manat from Procter and Gamble, and 530,646 manat from other sources.

This is the last of AFFA Report These are the figures announced at the conference. Famous “Ac As the immortal artist Yashar Nuri said in the play “Letters”: “Oh, noolsun ?!” If there are no results in the middle, you need to reset all these numbers. 1 point scored by the national team in the qualifying rounds snowThe work done by AFFA is “0”.

First children’s coaches, then footballers…

To succeed, you must lay the foundation. The basis of the “King of Sports” is children’s football. Everyone from 7 to 77 understands that, The most injured part of Azerbaijani football is children’s football. It has been talked about for years, the current situation is criticized, but no criticism is drawn and or do not want to draw conclusions.

Azerbaijan has revealed talents in many areas, and football is one of them. Yes, 20 Compared to a year ago, the number of children playing football in the neighborhood has significantly decreased. But this does not mean that that, There are no talented children in Azerbaijani football. Yes! We simply cannot identify them and cultivate them properly. That’s it according to We also need to train children’s coaches before the footballer. Milli Instead of bringing foreigners behind the wheel of teams, we should invite professional foreign coaches to club academies (if any), and they should teach Azerbaijani coaches what they know. If we do this, 5-10 During the year, our strong specialists in children’s football may emerge. Local coaches should be paid a normal salary that, Let the experienced players of the past agree to work in children’s football.

He can’t find a team, he leaves football

In football, as in other fields, the problems are a chain, they are all interconnected. Of course that, There must be a good budget, infrastructure, academia to bring in talented children’s coaches from abroad. How many Azerbaijani clubs have an academy today? Although we are an oil country, 8 teams have participated in the Premier League in the last 6 seasons, including the current season. What can you call it? Finally, the end Report Elite from the new season at the conference 10 the team will perform. But this is also unsatisfactory. The more clubs there are, the more local players will have a chance to prove themselves. How many children who have dedicated their years to football can’t find a team after reaching a stage? Where should they get a chance? No matter how many talented children were left out, he was forced to leave football before his professional career began, or rather.

Our businessmen are not interested in football

We have only a few independent clubs. Most of the 8 clubs SOCARis funded by. Businessmen in Azerbaijan are not interested in football, because it is impossible to earn money from football. Fans’ interest in local championship games is not at the desired level, as evidenced by the fact that most games are held in front of empty stands. It is impossible for clubs to make money from ticket sales and television broadcasting. In this case, the only hope of earning money is to sign a good result in the European Cups that, This is not easy to cope with. Businessmen stay away from Azerbaijani football because of the situation.

“Academies should be opened in the regions”

Aykhan Abbasov, one of the talented young coaches of Azerbaijan, PRO category, who saw the problems of the country’s football and is one of the speakers. He thinks so too that, First of all, each club should have its own academy: “Most academies need to work hard,” he said. Such academies should be opened that, to create all the necessary conditions for the comprehensive development of young players. In addition, they need coaches who know their development program well. Recently on lower age groups national Our teams do not show good results. However, earlier our national teams in the lower age group went to the elite rounds. It shows it that, We are far behind Europe. This also directly affects the main national team. It is necessary to start with children’s football and academies. We need to open those academies, especially in the regions where footballers are trained. The opening of the academy in Tovuz is a positive development. But from that academy Ganja, Zagatala, Gusar, Mingachevir and It is necessary to open in Lankaran as well and Talented children from regions close to those academies should also be involved. Of course that, There should be a large academy in Baku as well. They need to be implemented as soon as possible. It is important for children to train and play on good playgrounds “.

“If the level of the first division rises”

The former coach of “Sumgayit” touched upon another problem. We are talking about the small number of teams in the Premier League: “The number of participants in the championship is small. For this reason, local players can not find a team, they are forced to go to the lower leagues of other countries, and after a few years have to end their careers. The number of regional clubs should be large. Because there are a lot of fans there. This makes the players better tuned to the games. It is necessary to separate the championship of reserve teams from the first division. In addition, we must raise the level of the first division and create a competitive championship. Every year, teams must advance from the first division to the Premier League. In this case, there will be a fierce struggle to not be the last in the top group. Today, many of our coaches are left out. If the level of the first division rises, why shouldn’t they go and work there? Every detail must be considered. Otherwise, we will not be able to make progress “.

“Clubs will benefit if they are restrained”

Aykhan Abbasov notes that, you need to start systematic work as soon as possible: “We must not stand still, because football is developing everywhere. Football is developing in all small countries. The best example of this is Luxembourg. Their clubs and academies are growing every year. Thanks to them, they began to give good results. Every club should have its own philosophy. All work must be carried out in a planned manner. If the clubs are restrained, if they give time to the coaches, they will see the fruits in the near future. If we do not work in a chain today, there will be no results. The academies of the teams that performed well in the European Cups are not at that level. We are too late “.


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