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“With the departure of Ramiz Mehdiyev, there will be no major changes in the country,” Orujlu said


Baku / 15.02.22 Yesterday Azerbaijan Milli The press service of the Academy of Sciences said that, academic Ramiz Mehdiyev decided to leave his post in this organization due to his age and Academy in recent days to his decision and there is no effect on the information spread about him personally.

Ramiz Mehdiyev In 2019 President The head of the administration has now resigned from the presidency of ANAS and or removed.

What will change in Azerbaijani science and politics after that? How true is it to attribute the problems of the system to one person?

Milli Parliamentary Legal Policy and Member of the State Building Committee Fazail Agamali told Turan that, Ramiz Mehdiyev’s factor and his position in society is always unambiguous snownot cheated. “It simply came to our notice then. All segments of society Ramiz Mehdiyev showed a critical position on the factor. It’s not anyone’s fault, it’s the attitude of his actions. “

According to him, Mehdiyev must draw conclusions from the events. “After that, he can write a book or a memoir. But in any case, these books should stay away from ideas that could threaten the statehood of Azerbaijan. It would be good that, let him live a quiet life away from scandal and he should not worry about himself or play with the nerves of society. “

Deputy noted that, There are people like him who can create problems for the Azerbaijani state. “It simply came to our notice then. They should have faithfully served our President and his line, not only in words but also in deeds. If someone still openly or veiled the Azerbaijani statehood, national interests, the policy of Mr. President snowIf he decides to fight, the will of the people will be in the middle. “

As for the development of science, said a member of the committee that, very serious problems at the National Academy of Sciences in the last two months, the law violations appeared. “This is the writings of our scientists working at ANAS and proved by the facts they put forward. We have rendered great services to Azerbaijani science over the years and trained world-famous scientists. But now young people are not allowed to come to the Academy of Sciences, because of the attitude shown to them by scientists according to He got angry and left. “

Deputythinks that, the tradition of educating scientists must be restored. “For this, a highly professional, highly national and innovative-minded scientist must come to the leadership of the Academy of Sciences.”

Political Commentator Arastun Orujlu does not think that the departure of Ramiz Mehdiyev will lead to any fundamental changes in the country. “She according to that, It’s not about individuals, it’s about the system. ” He told Turan that, in the country political There are several factors that make a system a normal system. “The main thing is the rule of law. If it is not provided, there will be no change. And most likely not. Because we see that, “The regime is tightening its grip on the country, and laws are being passed to increase restrictions.”

According to him according to, the fight against corruption is only so-called. “There is no substantial fight to eliminate corruption.”

According to the expert, there are no democratic conditions in the country. “This is very important for fundamental change.”

As for science, A. Orujlu noted that, The basis of scientific development in Azerbaijan is wrong. “Science has been concentrated in the hands of an Academy with the old Soviet model. Most of the leading figures of the academy do not even deserve to hold those positions, to be called scientists. We have seen this in today’s controversy. “

The political scientist believes that, science needs large resources in the current situation. “These funds are not allocated from the state budget, and when they are allocated, some of them are misappropriated. Ramiz Mehdiyev showed this in his article and There is some truth in what he says. ”

He stressed that, The educational base must be strengthened for the development of science. “Education is going backwards step by step. That is, all this has nothing to do with Ramiz Mehdiyev. There is an indirect connection. Because he is one of the pillars and builders of this system. ”- 21D-

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