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Azerbaijani citizens buy real estate in Armenia?


Baku/15.02.22 Azerbaijan citizens own at least six real estates in Armenia. The statement came from the country’s Cadastre Committee in response to a request from Sputnik Armenia.

“2010On registration of real estate rights in Armenia in 2021 Turkey citizens by a total of 71, Azerbaijan 6 deals were concluded by citizens, ”the statement said.

According to the committee, 2012, 2018 and in 2019 Azerbaijan citizens bought apartments. Another apartment was donated (2012). In addition, an object of public importance was purchased.

It should be noted that we are talking about people with Azerbaijani citizenship, not their ethnicity, Sputnik Armenia clarifies.

Apparently, they are Armenians from Azerbaijan. This, Turkey also applies to ethnic Armenians who are citizens. During this period, they bought 53 apartments in Armenia, 1 apartment was donated and 1 was exchanged. In addition, they bought 5 private houses, 1 garage, 7 public facilities, 3 plots of land.

The largest number of purchases was in 2016 (8), 2017 (14), 2019 (18) and 2021 (8).

Legal entities registered in Turkey and Azerbaijan did not make any real estate transactions in Armenia at that time. -02D-

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