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Fatima Movlamli said she was beaten by police


Baku/15.02.22 Reporter Fatima Movlamli today visited the 9th Sabail district of Baku police reports that he was beaten in the section. He and Sevinj Sadigov President In front of the administration protest He was detained during the coverage of the rally and taken to the police.

“Us President They stopped in front of the administration. They wanted to buy mobile phones and demanded to cancel the shooting. In Section 9, the sergeants began knocking me to the floor twice in front of the authorities. I have footprints on my feet. They tore my jacket, ”he said.

The Interior Ministry called Movlamli’s statement “baseless.”

It should be noted that Fatima Mevlanli is a freelancer, cooperating with various websites and media.06Â-

Azerbaijan news

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