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Six of the Razin Bridge – Glass – were sold there


Drugs and The preliminary investigation into the criminal case of 36-year-old Jamila Gurbanova, a resident of Hajigabul region, accused of trafficking in psychotropic substances, has been completed. Consideration of materials on the criminal case for He was sent to the Baku Court of Grave Crimes.

Sabunchu district on September 9 last year Police 13th Office Police 2,524 grams of methamphetamine were seized from Jamila Gurbanova during the search operations carried out by the officers of the department. and electronic scales were found and confiscated. According to the decision of the Sabunchu District Court, Mammadova was remanded in custody for 4 months.

Defendant Jamila Mammadova testified for more than 5 years that, He said he was a drug user and was taking methamphetamine. To buy drugs on the day of detention of J.Mammadova, who lives in rent in Bakikhanov settlement for He went to the bridge near the Neftchilar metro station: “I knew the drug dealer by face, I saw he was there, he approached 10I gave 0 manats and asked for three grams of “bottle”. On the way to my rented house, the police stopped my name and they asked my last name, police invited to the section. At the police station, I presented my “bottle” to the police. To use drugs myself for I got it. “

The drug addict claimed that she did not know the name of the person who took the poison hit.

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