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The North-South BND is developing, but there are still obstacles


Agroexpress project in Azerbaijan by Alliance Logistics LLC and RDY Logistics AS AzerbaijanRussia Business Council, Russia Export Center, “ROSEKSIMBANK” AS, “Azerbaijan Railways ”CJSC and RDY OJSC.

The task of Agroexpress is to deliver goods by high-speed trains, which allows to reduce transportation costs due to efficient export-import logistics.

This is a successful start in the implementation of the Agroexpress project, and we see great potential in its development. Given its many advantages, it will be not only an alternative, but also one of the most competitive routes. Active work is underway to connect to the route.

“As part of the development of the North-South BND, active work is underway to connect the Astara station to the Agroexpress route for the transportation of goods to Russia,” said Natig Heydarov, head of Alliance Logistics LLC.

The day before, the head of ADY Cavid QurbanovRussia Railways ”(RDY) met with First Deputy General Director Sergey Pavlov.

The parties within the framework of the North-South international transport corridor Baku-Electrification of Derbent railway, Baku– They discussed the financing of the work on the transition of the Yalama railway from direct current to alternating current and the completion date of the work on this road. In this context, the parties agreed to synchronize the work, exchange information on the current course of work and technological decisions made, “ADY said.

Note that the iron before licking way It is part of the North-South route. Azerbaijan Given the government’s expectations that large volumes of cargo will be transported through this corridor, Baku– Decided on the reconstruction of Yalama and Baku-Astara (border with Iran) railways.

The length of the Baku (Bilajari) -Yalama railway is 348 km. The project is funded by the World Bank and France Development Agency, as well Of Azerbaijan is carried out at the expense of the state budget.

“Azerbaijan and Russia are actively coordinating their activities both on this BND and in addressing issues related to global supply chains. Including fruit“There is also a supply of vegetables and non-oil products,” Bayramov said.

According to the results of 2021, Russia Of Azerbaijan leads in purchase of non-oil products – $ 877.8 million (increase by 27.3%) Of Azerbaijan almost 33% of total exports of its non-oil products.

The North-South BND is designed to transport various types of cargo, but at present its full development depends on the steps taken by Iran.

This year will mark the 22nd anniversary of the North-South BND, and at various stages of its implementation, this ambitious project demonstrates either “weakening” stages or active development stages.

BND agreements with 13 countries, including Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia, and a total of 13,000 kilometers of this route from Mumbai to Helsinki are planned to be built.

20In 05, Azerbaijan joined the project, fulfilling all its obligations, and from the beginning of 2022, intensified negotiations with its southern and northern neighbors to increase efforts for the full implementation and operation of the North-South BND.

The goal of this corridor is to significantly reduce (twice or more) the delivery time from India to Russia, as well as to Northern and Western Europe.

TRACECA on Azerbaijan national Secretary, transport and logistics expert Rufat Bayramov told ASTNA that currently the delivery time of goods from South Asia and India to Northeast Europe is more than 6 weeks, while the realization of the North-South BND is 1420 It will allow it to be reduced to a day. “

“It is quite clear that Azerbaijan and its neighbors need to attract new cargo (5- per year).10 mln. tons of transit is expected) route He is interested in the development of logistics infrastructure and additional income, which is also regional social– will have a positive impact on economic development and the prospects of the Eurasian export-import market.

“Thanks to the transit of goods from Asia to Europe and back, Azerbaijan, along with its neighbors, can increase its importance as an important logistics hub,” Bayramov said.

The representative of the Ministry of Technological Development and Transport of Azerbaijan told ASTNA that Azerbaijan has implemented the following measures within the North-South project:

– 8.3 km to the bridge over the Astarachay river. length Astara (AR) – Astara (IRI) iron way a new branch of the line was built;

-Iron on the Astarachay River way bridge and from this railway bridge Iran 1.4 km to the cargo terminal in the area. a long road was built;

Iran In Astara (a long-term lease, including a 16-kilometer section of the railway line from Astara, Iran, to the state border), it is building terminals and a railway station to unload goods on an area of ​​35 hectares.

Iran’s steps

It should be noted that the opening ceremony of the Qazvin-Rasht railway (175 km, $ 440 million) was held in Iran in March 2019, but another 167-kilometer Rasht-Astara road is needed to join the BND.

In late January 2022, the Minister of Roads of Iran Rostam Qasemi To Azerbaijan The sides discussed increasing efforts on the North-South project, as well as Gasemi and the President of Azerbaijan Deputy Minister Shahin Mustafayev Two countries near the Caspian Sea to increase traffic through the North-South transport corridor on the border New transit on the Astarachay River car (!) took part in the groundbreaking ceremony of the bridge.

Car Construction of the bridge ($ 6 million) must be completed within 15 months. This will reduce the time of delivery of goods from the Iranian-Azerbaijani border to Moscow to three days.

On January 25, Mustafayev noted that the trade turnover between Azerbaijan and Iran will increase by 30% in 2021, but the development of the North-South BND will affect future growth.

However, work on the creation of the Rasht-Astara section and the Rasht-Anzali section (port in the Caspian Sea, 35-40 km of the road) is very slow. In Iran, this is mainly due to financial reasons.

Recently, the representative of the Iranian Ministry of Roads Abbas Khatibi said that there is a road from Bandar Abbas in the south of Iran to Rasht in the north of Iran, but it is divided into two branches, one to connect to the Caspian region (Anzali) and the other to the Azerbaijani railway network. He will go to Astara. “

“The progress on the Rasht-Anzali railway is 70 percent. We hope that this railway will be commissioned by the end of 2022. As for the Rasht-Astara project, $ to complete it20 More than a billion (!!!) investments are required. This project can be financed in three ways: domestic financing, foreign investment and barter. We are negotiating to clarify how we will obtain financial resources, “Khatibi said.

It should be noted that Azerbaijan has sent $ 500 million to Iran for Rasht-Astara. discounted amount credit gave.

Iran’s new estimates for the project are $ 20 billion. – There are concerns that this area of ​​the North-South BND will not be realized, or will become an “unfinished construction” that calls into question the operational development of the North-South project as a whole.

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