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The parents complained to the minister about what happened in high school

Parents and a group of teachers of Sumgayit secondary school No. 11 are complaining about the illegalities in the school.

They say that what happened at Sumgayit secondary school No. 11 does not comply with any pedagogical rules: “There is only one the law Judge: personal interests of school principal Ilaha Hasanli! Education Ignoring the innovations in the field, the director directs the whole pedagogical process to his own direction, does not take into account the qualifications of teachers, diagnostic assessment scores, length of service, divides lessons, assigns primary school within its interests, attendance at school, especially in the upper grades, no pandemic measures.

Complaint The letter states that education Ilaha Hasanli, who has a negative reputation among the staff for her pedagogical and managerial skills, has been entrusted with the management of the institution. As a result, it became a field of personal principles education While the center was once one of the most exemplary schools in Sumgayit and the country as a whole, it has now become a ruined address for training and education. In the imagination of the director school It is a private enterprise, not an educational institution. That is why he gives the lesson to whomever he wants without any regulations.

The subject of “Knowledge of Life” taught in secondary schools plays an important role in the formation of students’ general outlook. In particular, the content of the subject is dominated by topics of public importance. From this point of view, it is considered expedient to teach the subject by more competent and pedagogically experienced teachers. However, I. Hasanli also emphasizes his personal interests here, “Knowledge of life” and lessons from this series. bribe distributed in return. In general, it is common for non-specialized teachers to teach subjects at Sumgayit Secondary School No. 11. The cost of providing teachers with “significant hours” at the beginning of each school year 20It was set at 0-300 manat. The cost of giving first grades to primary school teachers 10It is 00 manats. Another source of income for director Ilaha Hasanli is based on students. So that, 10Separate grades have been set for 11th grade students not to attend classes. Another source of income for students is admission to the first and other upper grades.

It is stated that the process of electronic transfer of students in the school is grossly violated: “In the inactive system, new students are admitted to the school at any time of the school year. As a result of these irregularities in the admission of students, the number of students in Sumgayit secondary school No. 11 with a capacity of 650 seats is approaching 3,000. This is especially unacceptable during the current pandemic, when students should avoid as close contact as possible. However, since the principal I. Hasanli is interested in personal income, no disinfection work is carried out at the school and the money allocated for this purpose is misappropriated. What happened at school protest teachers who are openly threatened by the principal. Director of school No. 11 I. In her post, Hasanova does not hesitate to express her confidence in Arzu Alizadeh, the head of the Sumgayit City Education Department.

Parents are the first to talk about what happened at school number 11 vice president They appealed to Mehriban Aliyeva and Minister of Education E. Amrullayev: “The education of thousands of students is in danger for the benefit of several people. If no action is taken soon, the situation could get worse. Therefore, as a teacher and a parent, I ask you to intervene as soon as possible and stop what is happening. The education of our children, the future to the ambitions of several people victim Don’t give! ”(

The Ministry of Education has not yet responded to the parents’ appeal.“”The parents complained to the minister about what happened in high schoolPublished an article entitled “Argument”


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