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Ukraine is waiting for reforms under pressure from the United States and Russia


Of Ukraine who are overly interested in putting their interests into orbit USA After the Maydan revolution of 2014, it made incredible efforts to accelerate the country’s European integration, but the process was delayed as much as Washington expected. President Even during Poroshenko’s rule, the current president Even in Zelensky’s time USA The leadership has promoted reforms in Ukraine and constantly slowed their progress and the country’s oligarchs political expressed dissatisfaction with the excessive impact on the vector. The fight against corruption has been criticized the most. 40 separated by the IMF line billion close to a dollar funds, as well as additional assistance through other channels and projects, and the visit of Georgian reformist President Saakashvili to Ukraine did not lead to significant results. In the face of uncertainty, the Zelensky government and all previous efforts failed to fulfill the hopes and promises made to the voters, and on the other hand, the Ukrainian ship Russia 2023, which is vital for the continuation of the oligarchy, which is ready to use the situation to divert the shores parliament elections and 2024 president faced the threat of overthrow on the eve of the elections.

NATOAccording to the results of the summit of June 14, 2021 USA Presidents Co Biden He said: “We must prove to the world that democracy continues to meet today’s challenges.” We must eradicate corruption, which weakens our power, and fight those who seek to incite hatred. Independent press and independent court We need to strengthen our institutions, including law enforcement agencies. All this is on the agenda. Thus, we are proving that our Alliance can cope with today’s challenges. Ali I spoke in the Rada and said that something that has never happened in the history of Ukraine – the possibility of democratically elected, non-corrupt, non-oligarchic government.

In this sense, the intensification of the US-Russian confrontation over influence in Ukraine cannot be called accidental. Of Ukraine political in the field Russia who is ready to restore order Russia military fistflour Ukraine on the border The concentration of unprecedented pressure on Moscow and the greatness of the Western alliance political and military greeted with solidarity. The concentration of Western allies near Russian settlements and the threat of deadly sanctions will inevitably force Moscow to withdraw its troops and confront the pro-Russian oligarchy with the alliance.

The flight of the oligarchs, aware of this, shows that Moscow is ready to compromise with Washington and in a tactical perspective. NATO It is a clear indication that it is not against democratic reforms in Ukraine, provided that it does not use the country’s territory.

Although Moscow and Washington have differing views, they have agreed on a course of action for a number of regions where the interests of the United States and the Soviet Union once clashed.flour The Middle East, Afghanistan and the former Soviet Union can be cited as evidence. 2020in the fall of Armenia and Azerbaijan The war between, as we have seen, was not unexpected for the West, although it manifested itself in its non-interference in events. military all mechanisms were in place to stop operations. At that time, the United States did not oppose Russia’s military involvement in Karabakh, and even AliyevPutinPashinyan trio 9 November 2020supported the statement dated. They also do not express concern about their participation in Armenia and Azerbaijan and the threat of influencing the political process. Recently, when world politicians and the media spoke about the high probability of Russian aggression against Ukraine, no one expressed concern that part or all of Kazakhstan would be occupied by the Russians when Russia actually deployed troops to Kazakhstan. Most experts were wrong in their estimates of the reasons for the incursion of Russian troops into Kazakhstan and the length of their stay there. In other words, from the perspective of the events in the direction of Ukraine, the reaction of the West was inadequate.

It should also be noted that from time to time, Russian society deteriorates social– Russia is beginning to show military strength in times of internal political tension due to the economic situation. The essence of the empire, which remains the ego of the Russians, as well as the Turks, the French, and the British, continues to influence the public mood and has served and can serve as an airbag during the test. Ukraine, threat from the West, the smell of a new world war, 1999-20It unites the government and the people, albeit to a lesser extent than in 01, 2008, and 2014, and pushes the crisis of relations into the background.

Traditionally tested tools: gas and rising oil prices (for the first time since October 2014, the price of Urals oil exported by Russia, which is usually sold at a discount from European oil, has exceeded $ 94) is driving rapprochement between the government and the people. social should reduce tension.

Critics of this view of the events are the United States and Russia Of Ukraine They may be right to doubt their agreed steps for the future, but the recent mediation efforts of the French, Germans, British and Turks, who have repeated the shuttle diplomacy of the previous crisis years, may indicate that the process is moving towards a similar scenario.

Tensions over Ukraine are expected to ease in the coming months, and talks on the Donbas are expected to begin, but the key issue is the start of real reforms in Ukraine that Democrats on the other side of the ocean have long been talking about.

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