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Veterans of the human rights movement appealed to President Ilham Aliyev


Baku/15.02.22 Human rights activists Novella Jafaroglu and Arzu Abdullayeva president Inspiration Aliyev was asked to draw his attention to the human rights situation in the country.

Being under occupation for many years Azerbaijan a large part of their lands Inspiration Thanks to Aliyev’s efforts and skills, the unification of the government and the people, it was possible to return.

“However, we would like to draw your attention to the human rights situation in our country, which is the occupation of the land free prevents you from fully enjoying the joy of being.

“We, human rights activists with 30 years of experience, are disappointed to see how the human rights situation is being used against the interests of our country in various international arenas.”

It is time to turn to the rule of law, and Azerbaijan has real potential to strengthen a democratic society and change the country’s negative reputation: “We are convinced that progress in human rights is possible only through the combined efforts of government and civil society, as in the Karabakh issue.”

Jafaroglu and Abdullayeva drew the attention of the President to the human rights activist, who has successfully defended the rights of citizens in various courts and has been imprisoned for more than two years. lawyer Elchin They focus on Mammad’s fate.

His professional activities caused dissatisfaction among officials and he was charged with false accusations crime began to persecute.

Elchin Mehmet He has been suffering from hepatitis C for more than 15 years, and his illness worsened during his imprisonment. “She was 7 years old alone His foster mother recently underwent major oncological surgery and her condition is deteriorating, ”the appeal said.

Jafaroglu and Abdullayeva address the president on Mammad’s birthday and the head of state addresses him free ask him to order

“We are confident that Elchin Mehmet A fair solution to the issue will be one of the steps in making important decisions to strengthen the independence of the courts and lawyers, to prevent official arbitrariness, which will damage the country’s reputation and Of Azerbaijan will have a positive impact on the interests of the state, “the appeal said.

* 17 October 2020Sumgayit City Court sentenced Elchin Mammadi, head of the Sumgayit Youth Legal Awareness NGO and editor of the For the Rise website, to life imprisonment for theft andmilitary He was sentenced to 4 years in prison on charges of “illegal possession of ammunition and weapons.”

Human rights activist 2020in March arrest was made. The woman he provided legal assistance to complaint hit.

Amnesty International, PEN, FIACAT and other international organizations have condemned the arrest of Elchin Mammad. Local human rights activists call it political prisoner recognized as. — 06B-

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