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‘We hope that in the future Azerbaijan will also…’

Lee Litzenberger: The main issue is Armenia and It is to help Azerbaijan achieve peace.

United States Armenia and Peace in the Azerbaijani conflict way tries to help in finding a solution with. That’s it according to dand this and does not sell weapons to the other party.

TuranAccording to the agency according tothe US Ambassador to Azerbaijan said at a briefing on 16 February Li Litzenberger said.

He said:

“The main issue is Armenia and It is to help Azerbaijan achieve peace. Our principled position is not to supply lethal weapons to either side. We are also responsible as a member of the OSCE Minsk Group. Let me note that, Russia is also a member of the Minsk Group, but takes a completely different approach to its responsibilities and It supplies arms to both Armenia and Azerbaijan. Peaceful settlement for We don’t consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications. “

“The United States addresses security issues in Azerbaijan for supplies equipment ”

At the same time, he noted hit that, The United States addresses security issues in Azerbaijan for funds and supplies equipment.

According to him according tothe volume of this supply in recent years 100 million dollarspassed. To the ambassador’s emphasis according toit is not a weapon, but the protection of borders, the Caspian Sea national sector monitoring for equipment and vehicles, smuggling snowget the bottle for X-ray scanners are:

“Azerbaijan has regained control over most of its southern borders then The United States provides reliable protection in this area for provided great assistance in the supply of equipment. Statistics for the last two years show that the number of drugs seized in this area has doubled. This is how effective that help isflour is an indicator. ”

“We have made our concerns clear”

News according tothe ambassador also spoke about the law “On Media” recently approved by the President of Azerbaijan.

According to him according toUS Embassy government officials, mass information means and is in close contact with journalists.

“We have made our concerns clear. Much will depend on how this law is applied in practice. Authorities restricted his freedom of the press for If you use it, it will be very disappointing. But the government, as promised by law – the level of the press and to increase the professionalism of journalists for is another matter “he said “Turan”To the news according tothe ambassador said.

The briefing also mentioned that the Azerbaijani government was not invited to the Democracy Forum held by the United States last year:

“We hope so that, Azerbaijan will be among the participants in the future, but of this for There must be some progress on issues such as fundamental freedoms, civil society opportunities, and respect for human rights. ”news according toUS Ambassador to Azerbaijan Lee Litzenberger said.

Invitation of Armenia to the Forum, Azerbaijan to work In response to a question about the reason for not being invited, the diplomat noted hit that, the invitation depended on the existence of certain democratic reforms.


At the end of last year, Azerbaijan Milli “About Media” in the Assembly the law The project was adopted. Recently president confirmed it.

Some journalists covered that project and Criticizes media experts for stifling press freedom for would be used. Deputiesmost of to work disagreed with these criticisms.

24 hours“”
US Ambassador: ‘We hope that in the future Azerbaijan will also…’
”Was published with reference to RFE / RL hit


Azerbaijan news

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