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Face-to-face freedom: We are ahead of Iran, back from Georgia…

The Global Democracy Index for 2021 has been announced. In the assessment of 5 parameters, our country is ranked 141st among 167 UN member states, among authoritarian regimes.

Lawyer, Council of Europe expert Alasgar Ahmadoglu commented on the report to He first report gave extensive information about.

This report Developed by the Economist Intelligence, it is a document that assesses the state of democracy in the world. The report, which reflects the situation in the countries in 2021, contains a number of noteworthy points. One of such moments 20During the period from 08 to 2021, 5 parameters, political Excluding participation, there is a serious decline in the world in 4:

“The five parameters measured are: the electoral system and pluralism, government functionality, political status of participation, political culture, the state of civil liberties. In this context, according to the state of democratic standards, countries are divided into 4 categories. The first category includes full democracies, which cover 12.6 percent of the 167 countries reported, up from 21. The top five are the Scandinavian countries, Denmark and Switzerland. Some EU countries – Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, etc. include here. Japan, Great in the world BritainCanada also ranked first.

The second category includes countries with defective democracies. This index covers a wider number of countries. The second group includes 53 countries, which is 31.7 percent of the total. We know it as a democratic country France USA This includes many countries, including the European Union and the Council of Europe.

The third category includes hybrid regimes. Those in this line have not yet made the transition to a flawed democracy. There are 34 of them. When assessed on five parameters, their state of democracy is slightly below average. These countries are common 20.9 percent.

The last 59 states are classified as authoritarian regimes, which covers 35.3 percent of the total.

According to the report, only 6.4 percent of the world’s population lives in fully democratic regimes: “In countries with defective democracies, the ratio is much higher, with 39.3 percent of the world’s population living in this group,” he said. 17.2 percent of the world’s population lives in hybrid regimes and 37.1 percent in authoritarian regimes..

Ahmadoglu added that in the last 1 year in the report 10 the country performed better, the other 10 The situation in the country has deteriorated sharply: “For example, the best-performing countries are Uruguay, India, Ghana, Indonesia and Zambia. Those whose results are deteriorating rapidly are Afghanistan, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Haiti, Venezuela and Tunisia. “.

To Azerbaijan As for the expert, he said that our country is ranked 141st out of 167 countries: Azerbaijan 10 scored a total of 2.68 points out of a possible:

Of Azerbaijan The lowest rate is on the electoral system and pluralism. The situation in this area was assessed with only 0.5 out of 10 possible points. The functionality of the government is 2.5 points. The level of political participation is slightly higher – 2.78 points. Political culture is rated 5 points, which is about 50 percent. In the civil liberties section, our country scored 2.65 points, which is only 26 percent of 100 percent. I would like to note that the deterioration is not only related to Azerbaijan. In general, these parameters have deteriorated around the world. Azerbaijan it steadily decides in low places. ”

A.Ahmedoglu To Azerbaijan He also informed about the place of neighboring countries in the report: “Brother Turkey is among the countries with a hybrid regime. Armenia and Georgia. Iran to work Azerbaijan as authoritarian regimes “.

Commenting on the report to, Hafiz Hasanov, a lawyer and election expert, said that Of Azerbaijan A score of 0.5 out of 10 possible on the electoral system and pluralism is an objective assessment. “Because what is the current election legislation? free and provides a legal basis for fair elections, nor was the election democratic. The electoral system in the country, as an institution, is almost out of order. In a country without a democratic electoral system, of course, we cannot talk about political pluralism. “– the lawyer emphasized.

According to Hasanov, freedom of the media and expression in the country is increasingly restricted, opportunities for political activity are squeezed, civil society is paralyzed, and in this case, of course, our score would be 0.5: “The government must draw objective conclusions from these assessments and carry out real reforms in the country’s political system.”.


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