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Russia has sent thousands of additional troops to the Ukrainian border

A leading White House official called Moscow’s statement on the withdrawal “fake.”

Despite “false” allegations that it is withdrawing troops, Moscow continues to gather troops on the border with Ukraine. The White House said.

Meanwhile, Western countries continue their diplomatic efforts, saying they are preparing for an invasion of Russia’s neighbor.

NATOSecretary General of Yens Stoltenberg He said the facts contradicted allegations that Russia was withdrawing troops.

“On the contrary, it seems that Russia continues to gather troops on the border.” – Stoltenberg told reporters.

Currently in Brussels NATO A two-day meeting of defense ministers continues. Stoltenberg will hold a press conference after the meeting.

Added up to 7 thousand soldier

A senior White House official called Moscow’s statement on the withdrawal “fake.” The official told reporters in Washington that Russia It has “increased the number of troops on the border with Ukraine to 7,000,” some of whom arrived on February 16.

An official, who did not want to be named, warned that Russia He may use “false excuses” to attack Ukraine.

“There are reports that they could use a false pretext at any time to justify the occupation.” – said the official.

According to him, despite Moscow’s desire for a diplomatic solution, its actions “show the opposite.”

Russia’s tactics

USASecretary of State Anthony Blinken also across the border from Russia soldier and denied allegations of equipment withdrawal.

“We have not seen a retreat”Blinken told ABC News on February 16. According to him, Russia Presidents Vladimir Putin “It simply came to our notice then. It can take today, tomorrow or next week. If he wants to renew the attack on Ukraine, the forces are there. “

State Department spokesman Ned Price and he said: “This is a Russian tactic, it paints a picture for the public and does the opposite.”

Crisis can “pull” for months

British Foreign Secretary Liz Trass warned that Putin Ukraine could continue the crisis for months to challenge the unity of the West.

“Currently, there is no evidence that Russia is withdrawing from the regions bordering Ukraine. I do not seem to slow down in the Russian army “, – Trass wrote in The Daily Telegraph.

Trass to Ukraine on February 17 trip will do.

Of Russia Ministry of Defence He released a video on February 16 stating that he had removed tanks and other equipment from the annexed Crimean peninsula. But Maxar Technologies, a commercial satellite imagery company that monitors border incidents, is close to Russia’s border with Ukraine. military enhanced activity news gives. In Belarus, a pontoon bridge was installed six kilometers from the Ukrainian border news is given.

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White House: Russia has sent thousands of additional troops to the Ukrainian border
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