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“Silent Russia”: Armenians block the road


On June 15 last year Turkey and Azerbaijan The declaration signed by the presidents in Shusha was ratified by the parliaments of both countries in February this year. Then the heads of state signed the document. The Shusha Declaration covers the deep allied relations between the two countries in all areas.

West- UkraineRussia against the background of tension Baku and Ankara urgently needed to ratify the Shusha Declaration in parliament and send it to the presidents for signature. Because of the security guarantees that Russia demands from the West Azerbaijan and Turkey There was also a clause on their relationship. Moscow claims that the post-Soviet republics NATO and be able to integrate into the European Union, even military with countries in the alliance military they cannot have allied relations. Until the Kremlin guarantees Turkey and Of Azerbaijan The alliance withstood the test of 44 days of war with extraordinary success. Ankara unequivocally supported its ally, provided the defense industry with the latest combat technologies, and this factor played an important role in the victory.

Between the two countries after the war militarypolitical The relationship is developing rapidly. Azerbaijan The leadership has stated that it is reshaping its armed forces on the model of Turkey, while relying on the military-technical support of its ally.

Undoubtedly, the development of Azerbaijani-Turkish relations is on the rise Moscow disturbing. It is possible that the Kremlin is conveying this concern to the leadership of both countries through various channels. But Moscow has not realized that the train has already left. For example, Alexander Putin, President of Belarus, is Vladimir Putin’s closest ally Lukashenko these days Russia Speaking of the great alliance with, Of Azerbaijan expressed that the hypothetical future will not be in the union, and in the first place Baku– Ankara explained the deepening of relations. However, it would be unwise to expect the Kremlin to agree that everything is over.

Of course, Russia not only with diplomatic rhetoric, but also with certain steps taken in the region To Azerbaijan tries to put pressure. In this case, of course, Karabakh, temporarily controlled by peacekeepers, is chosen as the most suitable place. The incidents that have taken place here in recent weeks are clearly provocative. Some of them are in Russia Ministry of Defence There is no doubt that the provocation was carried out in accordance with the Kremlin’s instructions.

What is happening?

On February 4, separatists began digging trenches under the umbrella of Russian peacekeepers in the direction of Agdam. It is clear from the images obtained by that the Armenian separatists were working under the supervision of the Russians. Two days later, in the language of, the Azerbaijani government declares to the parties that it will not turn a blind eye to such provocations and declares the end of the policy of “zero tolerance” against terrorists.

Despite the warning, over 10 A day later, the Armenian side began to dig a trench. Then the statement of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry was spread. According to the ministry, members of the illegal Armenian armed group in Karabakh dug trenches and carried out fortification works: “As a result of urgent measures taken by our units, the work was immediately stopped. “.

Later, Armenian sources reported that one serviceman was seriously wounded by Azerbaijani soldiers.

Azerbaijan on February 16 social Another provocation was reported in the media. Thus, leaving the Sugovushan settlement of Tartar, Aghdara-Kalbajar going to Kalbajar using the road To Azerbaijan belonging to car The column was stopped while passing through Aghdara. I guess in civilian clothes 20About 0 Armenians did not allow the movement of trucks. Even the reckless intervention of peacekeepers did not help, and the trucks returned to Sugovushan.

According to the so-called Artsakh Security Council, in February-May, shooting exercises will be held in Karabakh, where Russian peacekeepers are temporarily stationed. It was announced that the exercises will be held to improve the military skills of citizens. The trainings will be attended by employees of so-called government agencies, as well as large organizations and enterprises.

These provocations, which have become a trend, raise many questions and concerns in society. What are the provocations carried out by Armenians under the auspices of Russia? news gives? Can the situation in Karabakh escalate in the near future? What steps should Azerbaijan take, which has repeatedly warned?

Security expert Inspiration Ismayil told that the recent reports from the Karabakh region controlled by Russian peacekeepers are not only provocations, but also raise doubts that the country’s territorial integrity will be restored in the coming years:

“Even though more than 15 months have passed since the end of the war 10 November 2020A number of articles of the Declaration have not been implemented, nor have Russian peacekeepers taken any steps towards real peace. These days, the news should be seen as a demonstration of the weakness of the peacekeepers or the deliberate support of the separatists.

The expert emphasizes that To Azerbaijan The return of the cargo convoy to Sugovushan raises serious questions: “If Russian peacekeepers, who are responsible for ensuring the security of the parties in the region, are unable to ensure the safe movement of the convoy, what is their role in these lands? This happened even before the end of the war. Armenians of Heyvali village of Aghdara again blocked the Azerbaijani cars escorted by peacekeepers and demanded that the border in the direction of Basarkechar way If it is not opened for Armenians, Azerbaijanis will go to Kalbajar car will not allow movement. Why didn’t the peacekeepers explain to the Armenians at that time that this is the territory of the Azerbaijani state, you also live on the lands of this state and you should gradually get used to each other. Or is the peace of 15 months that a group of pro-separatists is crossing the road and challenging the Russian state, not the peacekeepers, but the Russian state and accepting their terms? Let’s not consider the issue of admission as naive. This position belongs to Russia. ”

Inspiration According to Ismayil, those who have the status of peacekeepers are unable to create peace in the region, on the contrary, all their actions create more tension and incite hostility. The open support of the separatists has opened the door for this criminal regime. To Moscow often trip What peace messages have Araik Arutunyan and David Babayan, who are holding meetings in Brussels, given so far? It is the position of the Russian peacekeepers that does not serve the peace, which stimulates and creates conditions for the leaders of the separatist regime, and as a result causes them to make anti-Azerbaijani statements.

The expert stressed the illegal actions in the areas of responsibility of Russian peacekeepers Of Azerbaijan Since there are no real consequences of their verbal remarks so far, they should be transferred to the form of warning and made public. According to him, in parallel, the response of the other party should be required, ie the answer should be required: route The peacekeepers must be unconditionally required to ensure the safety of the convoy’s final destination. Azerbaijan 10 It must state the date of the withdrawal of the Armenian armed forces as an article of the November statement and declare that it has the exclusive right to conduct a large-scale anti-terrorist operation if it is not complied with. ”


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